Now, there is a V-500 operating successfully at Buzzi’s location in Little Rock and another has been installed at the Dallas Terminal. The company is also the first to order the ceramic version for its Knoxville plant. In total, Buzzi is running six new V-Series Feeders.


“We were extremely pleased with how beautifully FLSmidth’s V-500 feeder ran at our Nashville terminal and are excited to receive the first ceramic-lined unit for our rail unloading system in Knoxville. “ said Steve Powers, Regional Manager, at Buzzi Unicem USA.

Buzzi Cement were so satisfied with the experience of the V-500 Airlock that they quickly ordered five more. 

So what has so impressive about the V-Series Feeder/Airlock?


Like many, Buzzi Unicem USA found screw pumps to be power hungry, while tank systems are difficult and expensive to maintain. Pressure tanks use many cycling valves and require a PLC to operate. They are difficult to troubleshoot and require more headroom to install. Screw pumps are simpler but use much more power to convey the material.


In contrast, the V-Series Feeder/Airlock gives customers the performance they need with low energy requirements, low maintenance costs, and improved operational flexibility. For example, the V-Series Feeder/Airlock can handle dry, fine powder or granular product at pressure differentials up to 29 psig (2 Bar) in dense or dilute phase. Previously, only a pressure tank system could handle this type of material.



A feeder that keeps pneumatic conveying simple, reliable, and safe


The units are tailor-made to handle the individual material characteristics of each site where they are installed, greatly improving wear performance. Along with the standard iron construction of the V-Feeder, we offer the ceramic-lined VC-Feeder and the stainless-steel corrosion-resistant VS-feeder.


Maintenance is also simplified thanks to the direct-coupled drive, which eliminates sprocket and chain maintenance. As a result, there is no need for a guard, eliminating pinch points and drastically reducing safety risks.


Offering a flexible solution for handling fine or larger particles up 25 mm+ and in applications where materials or capacity are subject to change, the V-Series Feeder/Airlock is available for both new and existing systems, where it is a convenient replacement for older or obsolete screw pumps. 

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