Sealing the deal

Shortly into its operation, AC Power discovered a problem. Limestone was causing harmful abrasion to their rotary valves. Consequently, they were being forced to replace these valves every 3 to 6 months.

In 2007, plant managers decided - enough is enough. They needed a profound, cost-saving and productivity-boosting transformation. An important step toward realizing this vision was finding better rotary valves for their harsh limestone injection system.

So, they decided to test rotary valves from two similar suppliers. Ultimately, they chose us. With FLSmidth's ceramic-lined rotary valves, AC Power saw a significant decrease in their operating and maintenance costs, as well as more robust and reliable performance for over three years.

After a year of use, we found that the first supplier's [FLSmidth's] ceramic-lined rotary valves vastly outperformed the other supplier's valve in terms of price, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

Rick FleegleAC Power Maintenance Manager

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