To us, being environmentally-friendly means not only complying with legal and other obligations, but going beyond that by preventing pollution and utilising resources in a sustainable manner.

We do this because we want our planet to be a welcome home to future generations. We also do it to optimise the usage of our resources, like water and electricity, and that benefits not only the environment, but also our customers and our bottom line. Our ability to deliver sustainable productivity to customers starts at home, and that’s why our internal impacts are a central part of our culture and day-to-day work.

We strive to live up to our value of Responsibility, so we apply a common global management process for our environmental certification. Using common multi-site certification, we can ensure consistency in audit reporting and process alignment. It enables improved environmental performance at Group level, for example by horizontal deployment of any non-conformity. The sharing good practices across the Group are another way we benefit.

Obtaining a social license to operate is one of the challenges facing our customers when starting up new operations. Reducing the environmental footprint is increasingly important in overcoming this challenge. A significant investment into innovative practices will help the mining and cement industries develop into more sustainable and financially sound industries.

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