Strong governance

Establishing a properly functioning governance structure for the sustainability program is the key to driving results. By setting the tone from the top, the company begins to live the culture more fully and the right set of behaviour for sustainability begins to flourish. This can only be achieving if proper information about performance is fed through the organisation to the top, to support them to make the right decisions.

Transparency and trust

Another priority is to communicate openly and transparently about our sustainability initiatives. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of trustworthiness in the conduct of our business, and this applies to our sustainability efforts as well. While these can sometimes be delicate issues, we always communicate openly and honestly about them, as we believe that approach to be key to learning and improving on these areas.

Further, our high level of trust applies to our business partners as well. We carefully select our suppliers and only engage in business with those who live up to our high standard of compliance. This practice has resulted in good and long-lasting relationships with many suppliers, which ultimately enables us to deliver better solutions to our customers.

Continuous improvements

To us, sustainability is not a static goal to be reached, but rather a muscle that must be exercised and kept active. This is why we emphasise continuous learning and improvement. This applies to all our business endeavours and certainly also to our sustainability initiatives.

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