At FLSmidth, we conduct our business according to a specific approach that ensures our work is at the highest levels of competence, cooperation and responsibility. This approach applies to all our endeavours, especially to sustainability.
Our approach is built around four key aspects, each of which reflects our comprehensive sustainability initiatives. The aspects are curiosity, putting people first, facing challenges head-on and recognising our role in the world.

Putting people first

Across our business, we operate with the mind-set that people are our greatest priority. This applies to the people we employ, the people we work with and the people who are affected by our work.

Across the board, safety for all people is our main focus and we are committed to achieving our goal of zero harm.

Internally, our people-first approach is reflected in our commitment to attract, develop and retain highly qualified employees. We do this by providing opportunities and training for all employees. Externally, this approach means that we do our best to learn about the impact our work has, and we conduct our business with respect for international and human labour rights.

Recognising our role in the world

Co-operation is one of our company values and a very important one. It has proven to be crucial to our success and we rely heavily on it to drive success. We strive for excellence in all endeavours, but we also recognise that we need great partners to achieve it. In terms of sustainability, we know that our actions as an industry leader can shape what the industry will look like in the future. But we also know that we cannot do it alone. We must work across industries and borders, and work together towards better and more sustainable business practices within the cement and mining industries.

Facing challenges head-on

Working with sustainability in a resource-intensive industry presents a number of challenges. However, rather than shying away from the task of creating a more sustainable process for the cement and mining industry, we believe it is our duty to resolve those challenges. By being realistic about the challenges and facing them head-on, we can find innovative solutions and lead the industry towards a sustainable future.

Transparency and trust

Communicating openly and transparently about our sustainability initiatives helps us continuously improve. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of trustworthiness in how we conduct of our business, and necessarily for being sustainable. When approaching difficult issues, we always communicate openly and honestly about them, as we believe that approach to be key to learning and improving on these areas.


The goal of our sustainability initiatives is to find innovative solutions to a number of issues. We believe that curiosity plays a crucial role when developing those solutions. This means being curious about the world around us and about the cement and mining processes despite already knowing them so well. Without curiosity, we are not able to develop new and improved solutions and products. Further, to us curiosity also means continuous learning. There will always be more to learn and being aware of and impacting developments and trends is crucial to continuously being a leader in the industry.

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