Some spoilers about our solutions

AFT® Filter bags and accessories

We help customers in the minerals, power, cement and metals industries to control air pollution and emissions. How?

By providing long-lasting industrial filter bags. Our bags enable to operate your baghouse efficiently and meet environmental regulation at low operating expenditures.


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3D image of fiberglass pulse-jet filter bags installed in a baghouse

VENTOMATIC® Packaging and Logistics

We offer complete logistics solutions  for adjacent industries including dry mix, lime, gypsum, calcium carbonate, chemicals, and more. 

Drop by our booth to see our VENTOSEAL® CL Ultrasonic Bag Sealing system suitable for paper, plastic or woven bags. Goodbye dust! Hello 100% valve bag sealing.

Ventoseal bag sealing

Pneumatic conveying technology  

From efficient and low-maintenance pipeline conveying, to our low-power fluidisation systems and gravity conveyors, our wide range of products and solutions consistently meets the specialized needs of our customers, worldwide. 

Our V-Series feeder is efficient and adaptable, providing more flexibility and lower costs than conventional feeders.

  • Efficient shaft sealing method
  • Wide range of materials
  • Allows for material changes
  • Abrasion-resistant


It is our sustainability programme to reduce emissions in cement and mining to zero by 2030. With MissionZero  we accelerate the use of technology and knowledge that helps our customers minimize their environmental impact.