Thomas Schulz

“It is vitally important we take all the right precautions to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. That is the number one priority. We also need to ensure that you, our customers, are able to run a successful business, and that we deliver products, solutions and services to you efficiently and with as little disruption as possible. We are well placed to support you in these circumstances. We have solutions and expertise for remote, digital monitoring and predictive maintenance. We have localised a global business to a large extent, so we don't always need to travel in order to be close to you and your requirements.”

Thomas Schulz, CEO, FLSmidth

Customer Q&A

The Q&A below addressing the most common inquiries we are receiving around the impact of COVID-19.
Will COVID-19 affect FLSmidth’s operations and its ability to serve customers?
  • First and foremost, the health and well-being of our customers, employees, suppliers and guests is our top priority. We are monitoring all COVID-19 developments closely and responding to changing local and global needs as the situation unfolds. Continuing to meet customer requirements is a central part of this response.

  • We are in constant dialogue with our customers and understand your concerns around COVID-19’s impact. We have implemented multiple measures aimed at ensuring we can supply equipment and services around the world, to support your continued productivity.

  • Our strategy has always included fostering a strong global network of local service and distribution centres so we can be close to you. As a result, we can continue to provide reliable delivery of inventory and easy-to-contact service personnel and product experts.

  • Our aim is to carry out business as usual with no perceivable disruption. Given the circumstances, however, there will be some changes. For instance, as much as we appreciate meeting customers face-to-face, we will rely more on online meetings and video conferencing.

  • When it comes to plant and site maintenance, our remote monitoring, maintenance and support will become even more important.

  • If traveling to your site is not possible, we are available 24/7 to support your operations. As our customer, you have access to a dedicated team of FLSmidth specialists with expert knowledge of mechanical, electrical and process-related issues. We are ready to provide problem analysis, solution proposal and recommendations and engineering support. 

What if I require on-site support?
  • Firstly, we will assess if the issue can be resolved remotely. If not, we will then ensure we are following all local policies and customer safety and hygiene requirements for site and plant visits.

  • If on-site support is needed, we will quickly develop a support plan with you. We have many field services resources globally and can develop a plan to provide safe and effective service. We have initiated enhanced safety practices for all FLSmidth employees who travel and provide support onsite.
How can I engage FLSmidth in the quickest way?
  • Your first point of contact remains your normal FLSmidth contact person/relationship manager. You can also contact your local regional service support centre (all FLSmidth addresses are listed here).

  • Beyond this, we have a globally accessible 24/7 online service support centre which can be contacted at 800-FLSmidth or you can email

  • We are ready to help, support and troubleshoot with you online, via video calls, Skype, Teams or over the phone.  
Will FLSmidth’s supply chain be affected? 
  • It is our goal to maintain business as usual and we are closely monitoring our open orders and supply chain. We have a global supply chain and are confident that any local interruptions to our suppliers can be minimised, even when the agility of some suppliers is put to the test. We have redundancy built into the system.

  • As COVID-19 continues to spread outside of China, especially in Europe and North America, we can lean on our global setup to ensure we deliver parts and equipment to our customers.

  • We continue to closely monitor our external supply chain partners. Should any supply chain issues arise in Europe or North America, we will be able to source from our partners in China to cover any short-term needs. In the event that we identify an order will be delayed, due to force majeure for instance, we will advise you under separate correspondence to discuss the matter.

  • FLSmidth has been able to weather the COVID-19 storm in China thanks to the very flexible supply chain we’ve built. With 80% of our suppliers being external, we are much more agile than many competitors. We haven’t had to invest in expensive production facilities because we have nurtured a trusted network of suppliers in the right locations with the right capabilities.

  • As a relationship-focused company, we work closely with suppliers, ensuring our products are prioritised, so they get to you as quickly as possible.

  • In China, for instance, we obviously experienced some supply chain impacts. But already, across our suppliers, production is back to approaching full capacity. Our workshops in both Qingdao and Shanghai are both at 90-100%. They have worked their way through the accumulated backlog, eager to compensate for any delays.
I have a quotation from FLSmidth issued prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Will this be honoured?
  • Our aim is to continue doing business as normally as is possible. With some dependencies outside of our control, circumstances can change. In these situations, we will discuss the impact with customers directly.
Can FLSmidth advise me on best practices if my operations need to reduce throughput levels or capacity, for instance? 
  • Many of FLSmidth’s digital offerings are designed so customers can directly engage our experts no matter where they are in the world. If a plant or site needs to take the measure of shutting down operations or reducing capacity, we have the technology, tools and expertise to assist our customers in safely navigating a shut down or reduction.

  • Equipment may need to be shut-down and cleaned and prepared for suspended use and storage. In this situation, there are protocols for certain products that need to be adhered to – this will ensure a trouble-free start up. FLSmidth can assist with this and even assist in shutting down the plant if allowed on site or able to travel.

  • If site activity is reduced and access limited, our Global Field Service team will remain available to provide troubleshooting for the entire range of FLSmidth equipment. We are also able to utilise 3-D models to assist in some cases. We can assist in remotely reviewing shut down planning or products prior to actual shut down to once again insure no damage to the machines and to make sure things happen in a safe and controlled manner.

  • As things normalise, FLSmidth will continue to be fully engaged with each of our customers, working with them to ensure we support their safe return to full operations, including audits and tests. We can provide both supplies and manpower to achieve full operation and continue to increase their productivity, enabled with digital tools and services.
If my facility needs to reduce employee numbers for health reasons, what options does FLSmidth have to off-set this impact?
  • FLSmidth has invested heavily in multiple digital solutions that increase productivity and reduce the number of people needed at site. They can also minimise the need for employees to gather in locations such as the site control room.

  • SiteConnect™, for example, allows you to monitor and review the performance and data from your equipment on your phone getting alerts and other information without having to be on site or in the control room.

  • Another service FLSmidth offers is remote condition monitoring. This service allows remote experts to monitor and often predict failure before it occurs.

  • A third service FLSmidth offers is that of an augmented field engineer. Using connected wearable technology, a maintenance person (FLSmidth personnel or one of your technicians) can connect remotely with FLSmidth experts who will, in real time, be able to see and hear what the technician sees and hears.

  • Allowing FLSmidth to remotely provide expertise to keep our customers operating optimally during this crisis without having to travel or enter the site. Even some fairly simple tools such as our CheckProof Inspection APP can be used to record and share equipment status, etc.

We are ready to assist you remotely

Our local teams of engineers, service professionals, process experts and mechanics are on stand-by 24/7 to assist via our digital and remote capabilities.

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