The installed FLSmidth MÖLLER® Direct Pot Feeding System operates completely automatic with little maintenance. It performs at extremely diverse temperatures, ranging from -58°C to 37°C and will feed 4x82 Pots over a distance of 300 meters. The system is also able to handle various grades of material and guarantees low segregation and particle degradation.



The customer chose the Direct Pot Feeding System as it delivers reduced dust emission and cconsistent alumina quality. It also operates at low velocity, meaning no scaling, no attrition and no segregation, less wear and tear and low maintenance cost. The system protects resources as it uses low energy consumption and low pollution, while the self-regulating system means it is easy to operate.



The Boguchany Aluminium Smelter is a Russian aluminium smelter currently being constructed near Tayozhny, in the Boguchansky District of Krasnoyarsk Krai and is one of the largest development projects being carried out by UC RUSAL and RusHydro.



The Boguchany Metallurgical Energy Complex relies on the separately constructed Boguchany Dam and Hydropower Plant and is part of RUSALs modernisation project.


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