The Chinese cement industry is driving towards more sustainable cement production with fewer, high-capacity and high-efficiency plants. Recognising FLSmidth’s market-leading position as a supplier of state-of-the-art quality control systems, two large Chinese cement producers have ordered automated QCX/RoboLab® systems for a total of six production lines.

This order underlines our leading position as a provider of cement plant process and quality control systems. With powerful software and cutting-edge robotics, our QCX/RoboLab systems enable cement producers to meet the construction industry’s rising demand for higher-quality cements, while reducing their environmental footprint.

Jan KjærsgaardPresident of Cement and Group Executive Vice President at FLSmidth

28 different sampling points

FLSmidth will supply six Centaurus® MiII Combined Mill/Press Systems, four automatic tube transport receiving stations, and one manual receiving station. The receiving stations will service nine different analysers, including XRD, XRF, and particle sizers. In total, the systems will analyse samples from 28 different sampling points. FLSmidth will also provide installation supervision and commissioning.

The systems are expected to be delivered over the next eight months. 


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