Our employees have career opportunities in a variety of positions across the globe. The ideal career position for an employee at any moment lies at the intersection of three areas:

  • Engagement
  • Performance
  • Contribution to the business



The annual performance and development review (PDR) process focuses as much on professional development as it does on performance. We view the annual PDR as a good way to ensure that the engagement of each employee, his or her performance and career goals are aligned with our business goals.


Employees discuss the direction of their career, challenges, tasks and projects completed over the past year. Based on that, the leader and the employee develop a career development roadmap for the coming year. This roadmap is based on coming assignments in the


department, customer needs and our business strategy. Leaders offer coaching, guidance, ongoing feedback, training, support and development opportunities, while also setting the direction about the future of the work.


Our employees have many new experiences and opportunities to develop new skills on the job. We utilise a 70-20-10 model when producing each development plan.


Given the importance of on-the-job development, 70% of the development plan refers to job-related, yet challenging and competence-building projects and experiences. Learning by working with others, whether with a colleague, customer, supplier or manager, makes up 20%. Hence, this part of the development plan is achieved through interaction, through collaboration, and through learning from others.


The remaining 10% of the development plan consists of training to build new skills and knowledge.


We seek to ensure that people have well-rounded opportunities to learn and grow. Our employees are constantly developing professionally, for their own benefit and for FLSmidth.

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