Given the size, global presence and multicultural structure of our company, there are also many opportunities within HR, marketing, financing and business studies. If you have an idea for an interesting thesis, please contact your regional FLSmidth office.


One student, Sidsel Smidth, did just that. She wrote her Master’s Thesis on change communication in cooperation with the Customer Services Division of FLSmidth in Denmark.

Writing a thesis at FLSmidth gave me the chance of applying theories and tools in an actual case, and trying them out in practice.

Sidsel Schmidt  HR Development Consultant, FLSmidth

Get relevant insights

There are a number of benefits in working with a company and an actual case when writing your Master’s Thesis. For Sidsel, it was a great experience because it gave her relevant insights into the company and how things operate “in the real world” rather than just reading textbooks and fictional cases about it.

Working with a concrete problem and gaining knowledge of what stirs within the company when change happens, which aspects to take into consideration, and then providing your own input as a student can bring a great deal of value to a thesis, Sidsel explains. She also profited by gaining practical experience and knowledge for her future career from working with an actual case.

Finally, it is also a good way of building a network within a company while still being enrolled as a student.

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