From inventor to technological leader

When the engineer Johannes Möller laid the foundation for a high-tech company over 80 years ago with the invention of the patented MÖLLER® dry bulk material feed pump, the versatility of his technology innovation was not immediately apparent.


Today, thousands of reference systems worldwide prove that MÖLLER is a leading global supplier in the field of engineering and the manufacture of complete pneumatic systems.


With a complete range of advanced systems, machines and components for conveying and storing fine-grained, mineral bulk materials, MÖLLER is a technological leader. Particularly in the fields of cement, fly ash, alumina and minerals.


Conveying innovation and competence

At FLSmidth, our engineers are constantly working to improve existing and developing new, innovative products and processes. Pre-production series are supported and tested for suitability in harsh operating conditions through trials on our own test plant or in our customers’ industrial plants.


This is very important, particularly for bulk materials that are new on the market, or with which we have not yet accumulated sufficient experience with regard to conveyance.


As a result, the scope and quality of our products and services increases continuously. Our goal is to supply our customers with increasingly powerful instruments, with which they can work even more effectively and productively. ’We have developed numerous patented products and processes on the basis of this approach.


Conveying and storage across industries

With MÖLLER, we provide industry-leading performance and reliability within transportation and storage of fine-grained, mineral bulk materials. Other applications include operations handling high-wear and abrasive bulk materials.


MÖLLER products and solutions are utilised in applications in a wide range of industries from cement and lime, over plaster and power, to metals and minerals. We support the entire transport chain, from incoming materials delivery, over storage and conveyance, to outgoing delivery, with premium high-tech products.


Our offerings also include truck, waggon and ship loading and unloading systems but also, of course, key components such as the MÖLLER valves, rotary flow control valves, two-way diverter valves, rotary vane feeders, Airslides™ systems, Airlift™ etc.


Hundreds of references for fly ash, Denox ash, coarse ash, limestone, lime hydrate etc. are testament to our engineers' special know-how.




High performance driving higher efficiency

In power plants and all common homogenising and MDS large capacity storage silos, our TURBUFLOW®-Dense Phase Systems set the industry standard.

For the transport of ESP-dust to the silo we offer the successful Multi-Turbuflow® system, which is energy-efficient with extremely little wear and tear.

The aluminium and metallurgy industries also benefit from our Turbuflow®-Dense Phase Systems, and all common intermediate and storage silos. The program includes direct pot feeding systems using the Möller FLUIDFLOW® Super Dense Phase method.

A large number of operations handling and processing minerals benefit from our TURBUFLOW®-Dense Phase Systems, such as storage silos, Airlift™, truck, waggon and ship loading and unloading equipment.

Full circle delivery of benefits

For decades, FLSmidth has been known for the MÖLLER technology and its comprehensive customer service – from the early project stage to qualified spare parts supply with high-quality original parts.

We also excel in project planning and implementation when you need to convert, extend, or modernise your pneumatic system. You can rely on our services in all phases of project management. This includes customer-specific consulting, on-site visits during the project stage, monitoring of installations, and commissioning.

Maintaining and increasing the efficiency of your system requires regular maintenance and care. In this regard, we put a highly qualified service team, consisting of specialists with years of experience in a broad range of disciplines, at your disposal. Assembly foremen, commissioning engineers and electrical engineers are on site for inspections, installation and commissioning or for troubleshooting and fault correction in case of an emergency.

With our special maintenance contract, you will have very little to worry about. We inspect your systems and machines on request as part of our regular audits and can subject them to a cost/benefit analysis, if necessary. Moreover, we also repair and overhaul individual components in our in-house workshop.

We maintain extensive stocks of spare parts for all major MÖLLER as well as KOVAKO® and FULLER® products. In addition, our spare parts management programmes give you a number of options with respect to procuring spare parts, e.g, via system-based catalogues and price lists, or a highly flexible consignment stock with the most important products directly to your site.

As a supplemental measure, we train your employees on site, conduct on-the-job training and offer service contracts for personnel deployment.

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