In the face of today’s many challenges in the cement and mining industries, we can no longer continue business as usual. With resource scarcity, a growing global population and a need to take care of our environment, we must develop new and more sustainable practices to maintain and improve quality of life.


Adaptability is the key to success, which is why we have remained curious and inquisitive for over 135 years. We have a track record of discoveries that all reflect the courage to challenge convention, the curiosity to explore new territory and the ability to put solid know-how to use in new ways. This way, we take innovation to the next level and deliver better and smarter solutions that increase productivity and reduce environmental impact.


Digitalization with ambition

On the verge of the fourth industrial revolution, we are connecting our industry-leading equipment with sensors to collect data. There is a huge potential in harvesting, analysing, prioritizing, and utilizing data from start to finish of operations. Combined with the interconnectivity of technologies that come with the Internet of Things (IoT), digital solutions will play a huge role in the necessary transformation of the cement and mining industries. 

We have already developed digital solutions that are game-changers in their fields:

Digitalisation in mining and cement

Remote monitoring

With advanced sensors, data from mining operations are brought into the cloud. Data can then be analysed by an expert anywhere, anytime, instead of requiring an on-site manager. Ultimately, this makes operators more efficient and allows for constant optimisation. Learn more
SAGwise Total Process Control

Optimise performance

Mill operators have years’ of experience in listening for critical impacts and adjusting accordingly in SAG mills. With SAGwise, we have applied their knowledge and developed acoustic sensors that can monitor and adjust mill conditions automatically in a matter of seconds. A result of this is that critical impacts can be reduced by up to 45%, which increases the life-time of mill liners.

Sustainable innovation

Our vision is to drive success through sustainable productivity. This means we innovate to find ways to ensure low carbon footprint from the production of our products, lower carbon emissions and water usage from operations, easy end-of-line recycling as well as developing safer solutions for the people who work with our products on a daily basis.


Importantly, our sustainable innovations do not just make sense from an environmental point of view. They are also good business opportunities that cut costs, optimise output or increase productivity. 

Goldcorp and FLSmidth

Environmental impact

Water plays an increasingly important role in mining operations today, and a mining operator’s water-use can determine if they get a license to operate. Further, wet tailings are a big risk to the environment and are costly to maintain. With EcoTails™ we have found a way to make dry stacked tailings a viable option for large-scale mines, which drastically reduces water-usage as well as eliminates the need for tailings dams.

Fuel substitution

Waste-management is crucial in our fight against climate change. Waste keeps piling up, and finding a productive use for it is difficult. But what if we took this waste problem and used it as a solution instead? Our HOTDISC® does exactly that – it creates energy from solid waste, like sludge or tyres, instead of from fossil fuels. How is that for sustainable innovation? 

Let’s take a big leap forward together

Innovation is necessary for growth and for discovering better solutions. In this process, we prioritise working closely with our customers and partners to learn what challenges they face. Many of our innovative game-changers are based on experience from the field, from skilled operators who are able to identify the potential for improvements.

We enter into these partnerships to broaden our horizons, inspire us, and to show us new ways forward. In our experience, co-creation leads to the best possible results in the innovation process and ensures faster adaptation of any innovation. With a common focus, new collaborations, and a lot of courage, we will discover new potential together.

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