A strong innovation culture

According to Charles Darwin, it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent. It is the ones most adaptable to change. From a platform of more than 135 years of providing innovative solutions to the mining and cement industries, we continuously work to discover potential, because many small potentials amount to great gains, and that process may lead to disruptive discoveries. Our ambition is to help increase productivity, profitability and sustainability, today and tomorrow. 

In recent years, businesses in the mining and cement industries have seen a change in what shapes their growth. Focus has shifted from increasing capacity to enhancing productivity, as scarcity of natural resources; costly and complex activities; and strict environmental regulations challenge our customers to find new and better ways of doing business. The push for change and new thinking is present in all parts of the industry. 

We have a track record of discoveries that all reflect the courage to challenge convention; the curiosity to explore new territory; and the ability to put solid know-how to use in new ways. That way, we take innovation to the next level and deliver better and smarter solutions.

Some of our discoveries are small; others are game changers in the industries we operate in. We work just as hard on improving existing products as we do on developing new, pioneering technologies. Whichever category a project falls into, they share one common goal: to deliver sustainable productivity for your business.


The future of our engineering legacy

From the humble beginnings of our company, our founder Frederik Læssøe Smidth combined a pioneering spirit, curiosity and engineering skills to develop innovative products and solutions for the cement industry.

As complexity in our customers’ activities and operations grows, we strive to maintain simplicity in our products, ensuring high compatibility, ease of maintenance and fewer repairs.

Our highly-skilled engineers continue to innovate products, equipment, parts and solutions through curiosity, know-how, experience and new technology. This ensures market-leading solutions that are second to none in regards to productivity, durability and reliability. 


Digitalization with ambition

Today, on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0 as many call it; we are connecting our industry-leading equipment with sensors to collect data, lots of data!
We acknowledge the huge potential in harvesting, analysing, prioritizing, and utilizing data from start to finish of operations. That is why digitalization matters in the mining and cement industries, and why it matters to us.

Digitalization can provide substantial benefits for the mining and cement industries and is an integral part of our strategy. We have a dedicated digital organisation to ensure that we can unlock the full potential of the digital revolution and provide significant value and benefits for our customers.

We are successfully pairing more than a century’s worth of solid industry expertise with the latest digital technologies to translate data into productivity-enhancing solutions. These solutions help our customers diagnose the health of their equipment, anticipate failures, predict spare parts needed, optimise processes, and improve productivity.

As an important part of our digital strategy, we dare to be bold, we want to be challenged, we dare to share our discoveries, and hope that you will too. Our strategy is to strengthen our position as Productivity Provider no. 1, and digitalization is the best business opportunity to emerge for decades.


Research and development, together

We work with you, our customers and partners, to find new solutions. We enter into partnerships that broaden our horizons, inspire us, and show us new ways forward. We do this to help our customers solve the challenges they face.
Our experience is that this co-creation approach leads to the best possible results in the innovation process and ensures faster adaptation of any innovation.

Many of our most innovative products were thought out “in the field”. There, operators experience challenges first-hand and come up with breakthrough ideas to solve them. The curiosity and dedication of our people is the reason we can aspire to really make a difference for you. 

We also explore the potential of emerging technologies like nanoscience, virtual reality and 3D printing to find new discoveries that help shape the solutions of tomorrow. We are especially focused on how nanoscience can improve filtration, separation and wear properties to extract more end product from the same amount of raw material. Additionally, it will make the extraction process faster and cheaper. Nanoscience will also enable us to develop better alloys and coatings for high-wear products, hence improving durability.


Sustainability and safety

We innovate to improve sustainable productivity, which also includes improving safety. Our end-to-end methodology on sustainability and safety enable us to develop new and better solutions. 

For sustainability, this includes ensuring a low carbon footprint from the production of our products; reduced weight for cheaper and less polluting transport; lower emissions from operations; and easy end-of-life recycling.

Safety for us concerns people safety (injury and health). All of our products are developed from a philosophy of measurably improving on the previous version, and through safety improvements directly on the products and extensive operational staff training, we ensure industry-leading safety standards.


Let’s take a big leap forward together

Innovation is essential for achieving growth. A culture driven by curiosity and the desire for discovery is a significant boost to innovation. Sharing and cooperating ensures the ultimate progress, and that is why we work together with your business to pave the road towards a more productive and a more sustainable future.

With a common focus, new collaborations, and a lot of courage, we will discover new potential, together. 

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