Posted:  October 2011

Major Russian cement producer modernises

Novoroscement has ordered a complete modernisation package for its Proletariy plant. The customer and FLSmidth worked closely to find the best technical and economical solution.


Upgrading capacity and performance
The production capacity of the modernised plant is to be upgraded from 1,740 to 6,000 tonnes per day. This will enable the customer to meet the growing demand for cement created by Russia’s large infrastructure investments and other major projects, such as new facilities for the FIFA World Cup (soccer) in 2018.

The environmentally friendly plant will operate with greater energy efficiency When modernised and after closing three other wet-process kilns, the plant will gen- erate 325,000 tonnes less carbon dioxide despite the boost in production.

The entire modernisation project has  been planned to minimise downtime, thus saving the customer production losses.  For example, the preheater tower and cyclones will be erected above the rotary kiln while it continues to operate until it is eventually shortened and connected to the new preheater.

The entire modernised plant is planned to come onstream in 2013.

Comprehensive scope
FLSmidth is to provide a complete package of mechanical and electrical engineering plus equipment supplies and supervision of installation and commissioning.

The equipment to be supplied includes:

  • An ATOX™ 57.5 raw grinding mill
  • A 5-stage preheater
  • Modification of the existing kiln shell, which will be shortened to 3 supports
  • An FLSmidth® Cross-Bar™ cooler
  • New/upgraded electrostatic precipitators
  • A complete control system, including automated laboratory (RoboLab)

Close cooperation
Before the project was finally agreed on, the customer and FLSmidth maintained a close dialogue on various technical options for modernising the plant. A large number of solutions were considered and analysed before Novoroscement opted to go for a completely new process with use of existing equipment where possible.

The parties are currently working on a proposal for a modern cement grinding system. And a project is underway to develop a solution for a modern shiploading system.

Proletariy is an experienced cement producer (established in 1882) and an old acquaintance of FLSmidth, who first supplied to the plant in 1914.

Based in Novorossijsk in southern Russia and operating two other plants in addition to Proletariy, Novoroscement is Russia’s second largest cement producer.

Both parties to the recently signed contract look forward to continued cooperation over the coming years.


Morten Jakobsen


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