Beta Source

Durag F-904 K MD

F-904 K MD for measurement of dust emission in condensing flue gas

The Durag F-904 K MD has been designed for measurement of dust emission in condensing flue gas. Traditional optical dust monitors are not useful for applications with condensing flue gas as the optical measurement is not able to distinguish the light reflection from a dust particle or a water drop. This is why an extractive monitor like the F-904 K MD is to be used in condensing flue gasses where the temperature is close to or below the dew point of the flue gas.

The F-904 K MD functions by taking a sample from the process and diluting it in well-defined dilution ratios. The flue gas sample passes through a fibre tape, and the dust from the sample is collected on the tape. The sample is irradiated with a beta source. The amount of radiation absorbed by the dust sample is a direct indication for the dust concentration in the process.

The F-904 K MD consists of a probe, a heated sample line and an analysis system. The radiation absorbed in the dust sample is a direct dust measurement in mg/m3. Therefore a gravimetric calibration performed by a certified laboratory is not needed. It is possible to take out dust samples for analysis of heavy metals in a laboratory.

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