Durag D-R 800, reflection dust monitor for emission control

Durag D-R 800

D-R 800 reflection dust monitor for emission control

The Durag D-R 800 reflection dust monitor is an innovative measuring device with laser technology. The D-R 800 is especially applicable for measurements of small to medium dust emissions at e.g. power stations, waste incineration plants and cement plants according to the new European regulations.

The D-R 800 device works according to the principle of forward scattering. The concentrated and modulated light of a laser diode penetrates the measuring volume. The forward-scattered light largely reflected from dust particles is measured and assessed.

The monitor is equipped with an automatic function test with soiling correction and has automatic switching of measuring ranges according to 17. BImSchV. The measuring ranges are from 0-10 to 0-200 mg/m3 dust. The D-R 800 is easy to install on one side of the duct and has a long lifetime, as there are no moving parts inside the duct.

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