Optical Dust Measurement

Durag D-R 216

D-R 216 for filter surveillance and measurement of soot number

The Durag D-R 216 filter monitor is an optical filter monitor consisting of a sender-/receiver unit, a reflector unit, an electronic unit and as an option a purge air fan.

The D-R 216 measures by means of light sent across the flue gas duct so that the light from the sender-/receiver unit hits the reflector on the opposite side of the flue gas duct and the light is sent back to the sender-/receiver unit. The deterioration of light when passing back and forward in the duct is an expression of the dust concentration in the process.

The Durag D-R 216 is also applicable for measurements of soot number according to the Bacharac-scale soot number 3 to 10. In ducts with over-pressure a purge air fan must be used. In ducts with under pressure, ambient air is drawn through the flange and keeps the optical parts clean. The monitor is of a simple construction and is easy to install without use of PC.

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