Rotor Weighfeeder Pfister URW

Highly accurate and reliable gravimetric feeding and dosing of pulverised material with integrated pneumatic transport

Rotor weighfeeder Pfister URW
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The Pfister URW is a rotor weighfeeder especially designed for exact dosing of mill components and additives such as fly ash, bypass and kiln dust or iron sulphate. The integration of material extraction, weighing, dosing and material transfer into the pneumatic conveying line makes it a compact system that provides accuracy and constancy. Powered by the innovative dosing strategy ProsCon®, the mass fl ow is controlled in advance. Thus, the outstanding constancy of metering with

Pfister URW + ProsCon® makes it possible to achieve accurate material dosing


Application fields: Kiln process, grinding process

Materials: Mill components and additives such as fl y ash, bypass and kiln dust, calcium hydrate, iron sulphate etc.

Dosing capacity: Up to 25 t/h


• Silo cone aeration
• Material activator
• Shut-off gate
• Connection unit
• Calibration pre-hopper
• Rotor weighfeeder Pfister URW
• Blower


• Stable material dosing
• Outstanding reliability
• High short- and longterm accuracy
• Compact, simple and modular design
• Large feeding range
• Online calibration during operation
• Up to 4 systems under one silo possible
• Slowly moving rotor
• Easy to maintain

Dosing control:

• Can System Controller CSC
• Prospective Control ProsCon®
• Remote service access available

Certificates: ISO 9001:2008


 Pfister URW for dosing dry chalk filler




Installation sketch of Pfister URW

Pfister URW for dosing filter dust into the raw mill

Pfister URW for dosing fly ash into the burgning process


Pfister URW for dosing fly ash into cement mill


Pfister URW datasheet
Short product information of the rotor weighfeeder Pfister URW


Pfister URW brochure
Detailed product information of the rotor weighfeeder Pfister URW