Rotor Scale Pfister VRW

Highly accurate and fast bulk material pre-laoding

Rotor scale Pfister VRW
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The high accuracy and robust design of the rotor scale Pfister VRW is ideal for precise bulk material pre-loading of fine or coarse materials, such as clinker or cement. It is especially useful if it is not possible to equip loading positions with vehicle weighers.

Pfister VRW + ProsCon®: the innovative solution for bulk material pre-loading

Pfister VRW in process

Application fields: Bulk pre-loading

Materials: Fine grained materials such as raw meal, fly ash, cement

Loading capacity:

150 t/h (higher loading rates are possible)

• Calibration bin
• Bin load cells
• Shut-off gate
• Flow control gate
• Rotor weighfeeder Pfister VRW

• Outstanding reliability
• High accuracy
• Compact, robust and closed design
• High measuring loads
• Large loading range
• Online calibration during operation
• Simple and modular design
• Slowly moving rotor,
therefore less wear
• Easy to maintain

Dosing control:
• Can System Controller CSC
• Prospective Control ProsCon ®
• Remote service access available

Certificates: ISO 9001:2008

Pfister VRW

Pfister VRW for fast an accurate cement truck pre-loading

Sketch of a bulk material pre-loading system with a Pfister VRW


Local loading device

Pfister VRW for pre-loading of green coke into wagons


Pfister VRW brochure
Detailed product information of the rotor scale Pfister VRW


Pfister VRW animation

Function principle of the rotor scale Pfister VRW


For the Pfister VRW animation on Youtube click here