Posted:  November 2010

Simulator training sharpens operator skills and increases plant efficiency

New equipment, program upgrades, and increasingly tougher emission regulations can affect cement plant control para-meters and operations overnight. For cement plant operators, keeping up with these changes is a constant challenge. But with ongoing simulator training, plant operators can maintain production capacity and keep plant efficiency at a high level

The ECS/CEMulator software from FLSmidth simulates real-time plant conditions, giving operators the practical knowledge and experience they need to ensure optimal plant operation and product quality. 

The demand for well-trained, experienced operators who can cope with any control room scenario has made the systematic training of operators in industry-approved processes a necessity. An advanced operator environment offers an accurate model of processes, an integrated control system, realistic events, the ability to vary operational parameters, skill evaluation and documentation, making the ECS/CEMulator one of the most realistic plant control training tools available.

Unlike other cement process simulators, FLSmidth’s simulator is based on a fully functional control system platform. As a result, users experience a comprehensive simulation of a modern control system, covering every function. And because the latest version incorporates gas emission simulations, operators can now learn how to minimise emissions and heat loss, while they improve their operation skills and test their process knowledge.

True-to-life training gives operators the upper hand
For operators, hands-on training is invaluable. By controlling the simulated environment, operators get to sharpen their decision-making skills, which is rare in conventional training situations.

And it’s a fast and effective way to introduce new equipment and processes to the control room setting, and train new operators.

Following a general introduction, operators receive personal training sessions. They work through tutorials and create their own standard training sessions, which can be repeated again and again. And because the tutorials can be customised to meet the specific needs of a particular process environment, when operators go back to the real control room, they have the knowledge and confidence to make decisions under stressful situations. And for plants that don’t use an FLSmidth control system, the ECS/CEMulator training can still help operators sharpen their skills and improve plant performance.  

Better control, safer environment
Simulator training ensures better insight into process dynamics and interactions, and improves the handling of real-time operating conditions. And with the right control system skills, operators can maintain high product quality, increase efficiency, minimise equipment damage, and make cement plants a safer place to work.

The demand for industry-approved systematic operator process training is increasing. For FLSmidth, this has resulted in recent ECS/ CEMulator orders from a number of major cement producers.

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Joju Jacob


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