Management and Board

FLSmidth is managed by top professionals with years of experience in the engineering and financial worlds, as well as in the cement and minerals industries.

FLSmidth management and board

Group Structure

FLSmidth is organised in four divisions - two project divisions, a product division and a service division.

FLSmidth group structure

Customer Services Division

FLSmidth’s service activities consist of the Customer Services division and service related activities that are integrated in product companies in the other divisions. Customer Services is separated from the projects business to make the growth of Customer Services a clear priority within FLSmidth and to foster a service culture and mindset. Besides, a separate and dedicated Customer Services organisation improves the potential for synergies across FLSmidth.

Customer Services is a strategically important business that differs favourably from projects by being less cyclical and generating higher earnings. It involves all the services, parts supply and upgrades that are carried out before, while and after FLSmidth installs a plant and commissions it. The purpose is to improve the performance of customers’ plants in a safe and sustainable manner to the highest possible standard.

FLSmidth’s Customer Services division strives to continually develop its customer services activities, Operations & Maintenance (O&M) capabilities and offer new services concepts to the minerals and cement industries.

Product Companies Division

In order to ensure dedicated focus and to utilise its shared supply chain and back office functions, FLSmidth separates a number of product companies from the project divisions to form a stand-alone Product Companies division.

The Product Companies division enables FLSmidth to release a significant potential for globalising and growing the company's unique product brands. The division serves FLSmidth's six key industries; copper, coal, iron ore, gold, fertilizer and cement, the Minerals and Cement divisions as well as adjacent industries.

The division includes FLSmidth’s product companies: FLSmidth ABON, Buffalo, FLSmidth Pfister, FLSmidth Ventomatic, FLSmidth Krebs, FLSmidth MAAG Gear, Airtech, Möller and Automation.

Minerals Division

FLSmidth’s Minerals division focuses on delivering systems to its key mining industries: coal, copper, gold, iron ore and fertilizer. The business covers minerals processing and materials handling technologies and is a merger of the divisions earlier known as Mineral Processing and Material Handling. The merger is a result of positive developments in both the divisions and FLSmidth’s desire to leverage a shared customer base and capabilities to form one strong Minerals division.

FLSmidth’s Mineral Processing division encompasses all the technologies, products, processes and systems used to separate commercially viable minerals from their ores. The division’s solutions range from process optimisation services, the supply of single machines to the design and delivery of complete plants for concentrating and refining copper, gold, coal, iron ore, fertilizers and other minerals.

Mining is a global business where solutions are tailored to the type of ore to be processed and not to the part of the world in which the technologies are delivered. In fact, many projects are designed by engineering houses located on different continents than the mine sites, and often for customers that are located on yet another, third continent. Accordingly, FLSmidth’s Minerals division has deployed a global-local structure that facilitates global coordination and standardisation and leverages our global scale with a strong local presence in important mining locations to provide customised life cycle support for our mining customers’ operations.

FLSmidth’s Minerals division aims to reinforce FLSmidth’s already strong potential to become the strongest project and systems provider in the minerals industries.

Cement Division

FLSmidth’s Cement division focusses on complete plants, systems and projects for the cement industry. The division consist of FLSmidth’s capital cement activities and large upgrade projects. The Cement division’s main purpose is to offer and execute complete cement projects.

The major cement projects are handled by regional project centres and each of these centres cover their particular geographical region with main offices located in Denmark (Valby), USA (Bethlehem), India (Chennai) and China (Beijing). Global responsibility for technology, innovation and design of the Group’s key machinery is centralised in a global organisation to ensure that all projects worldwide maintain a consistent and high technological standard. The Indian organisation increasingly serves as a support centre for the project centres in Denmark and the USA.

The Cement division endeavours to constantly enhance its abilities, through further development of its Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) offerings. The division is also focussed on its Design, Build, Operate (DBO) offerings where capital sales and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) join forces in offering unique solutions to customers. This ensures FLSmidth’s continued strong position in the cement industry.