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Management at FLSmidth

Innovation Leadership

FLSmidth is a world-leading technology company whose countless innovations in engineering have pioneered the cement and mineral industries for more than a century. To further these achievements, we deploy considerable resources to develop new solutions to meet every new challenge faced by our customers.

QCX/Auto Laboratory from FLSmidth

Innovation defines our approach

Continuous research is the cornerstone of FLSmidth’s future development, with special emphasis on use of alternative fuels, reducing emissions and waste, improving heat recovery, decreasing power consumption, minimising water consumption, increasing plant capacity, availability and operating efficiency and minimising safety risks.

FLSmidth’s R&D activities take place globally in various centres of excellence. We employ many of the world’s foremost process and mechanical engineering specialists and have recently made unprecedented advances in key areas, such as alternative fuel systems and developing the world’s largest flotation cells. Our Dania test centre in Denmark is the cement industry’s largest with laboratories and pilot testing facilities for global projects, including a broad range of emissions and environmental solutions for new and existing plants.

In September 2010, the new technology centre for Minerals Processing was inaugurated in Salt Lake City, USA. The technology centre brings the resources of the R&D organisation and pilot testing facility, together with the process testing laboratory into a single facility. This powerful combination of resources and expertise will be the springboard where customers’ processing issues will be solved and new solutions and products are developed.


Co-operation with leading institutions

FLSmidth is also researching more environmentally friendly cement production and harmful emissions reduction technologies in cooperation with universities. One of the ongoing activities is the New Cement Production Technology research platform in cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), which is financially supported by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation. FLSmidth also is proud to be working in conjunction with a number of other leading institutions, including Helwan University in Egypt, Aarhus and Aalborg universities in Denmark and the Mendeleev University of Chemical Engineering and St. Petersburg State Technological Institute in Russia.

In the area of minerals processing, FLSmidth is funding research projects at CAST (Centre for Advanced Separation Technologies), Virginia Tech and the University of Utah in the USA to develop the fundamental criteria for improving minerals separations and phase separations to increase valuable mineral recovery and increase water recovery. FLSmidth is also engaged with several universities in Europe to enhance the knowledge of materials and their handling characteristics. 

FLSmidth has made R&D a top priority, putting the most relevant customer needs at the centre of its strategy. This approach proved enormously successful by supporting the business. Our focus on innovation and the increasing investment in R&D activities in the recent years is reflected in the increasing number of priority patent applications being filed every year.


A passion for excellence

As a result of this dynamic drive for innovation, we have been able to find synergies between our areas of expertise to deliver better and more flexible solutions. To this end, the R&D centres in Denmark, the US and India all support each other and share information to attain the goals of the global R&D programme.

FLSmidth has also launched a new tool that shares a “virtual idea bank” with all 15,000+ employees to foster a culture of creativity across the organisation, allowing us to share, comment on and critique ideas that are currently in development. Each department promotes its own campaigns and receives invaluable input from other departments, which has already resulted in a startling amount of improvements and innovation across a wide variety of our products and services.