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Frequently Asked Questions

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FLSmidth FAQs | Frequently asked questions

About the company

Q: When was FLSmidth & Co. founded?
A: FLSmidth was founded in Denmark in 1882 by Frederik Læssøe Smidth. Please click on the following link to read more about the history of FLSmidth. Go to the History of FLSmidth >>

Q: What is the vision of FLSmidth & Co.?
A: It is the vision of FLSmidth to be our customers' preferred full-service provider of sustainable minerals and cement technologies. 

Q: How many employees does FLSmidth & Co. have?
A: FLSmidth has close to 12,200 employees world-wide.

Q: In what countries is the FLSmidth Group represented?
A: The FLSmidth Group is represented in over 50 countries world-wide. We have offices in the following countries:

Africa: Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Egypt, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Zambia

Americas: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, The United States, Venezuela

Asia: Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Europe: Armenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom

The Middle East: Iran, Jordan, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, UAE 

Oceania: Papua New Guinea

Q: What are the main activities of FLSmidth & Co.?
FLSmidth is the global cement industry's leading supplier of complete plants, equipment and single machine units as well as spare parts and services. In recent years the company has also grown to become a leading provider of similar products to selected markets in the global mining and minerals industries.

Q: What companies does FLSmidth & Co. consist of?
In the past FLSmidth consisted of several product companies and divisions (see list below). Furthermore, FLSmidth also had a company in the so-called building materials section. This company was called Cembrit. But now FLSmidth is moving towards becoming One Company with One Name and One Logo being the One Source provider for both the cement and minerals industries.

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Q: In what ways does FLSmidth & Co. service the cement industry?
FLSmidth is among the leading suppliers of complete industrial plants, equipment and single machine units plus spare parts and services to the global cement industry including operation and maintenance of cement plants. The product range covers mills, coolers, kilns, electrical systems and material handling. FLSmidth also holds various production and maintenance seminars throughout the year.

Q: In what ways does FLSmidth & Co. service the mineral industry?
FLSmidth is among the leading suppliers of systems, machinery, processes, spare parts and services to the global mineral industry. FLSmidth is the only supplier in the market that offers complete solutions covering the entire process from minerals extraction to the final end product. FLSmidth also holds various production and maintenance seminars throughout the year.

Q: In what ways does FLSmidth & Co. invest in research & development activities?
It is FLSmidth's objective to continuously optimise energy consumption, emission control and to introduce a new invention within the most important machine and process areas every year. Several new development projects have already been initiated, including the launch of a new Cross-Bar cooler as well as uniting research and development laboratories into one large modern research centre in Denmark.

2016 saw total R&D expenses at DKK 202m (2015: DKK 263m), accounting for 1.1% of revenue (2015: 1.3%).

Board and Management

Q: Where can I find FLSmidth & Co.'s articles of association?
The articles of association are available on the company website. Go to articles of association.

Q: Who are the members of the Board of FLSmidth & Co.?
Vagn Ove Sørensen (Chairman), Torkil Bentzen (Vice Chairman), Marius Jacques Kloppers, Richard Robinson Smith (Rob Smith), Sten Jakobsson, Tom Knutzen, Caroline Grégoire Sainte Marie, Mette Dobel, Søren Quistgaard Larsen and Jens Peter Koch. The latter three are employee elected members Go to board of directors.

Q: Who is part of Group Management in FLSmidth & Co.?
 Thomas Schulz (Group CEO), Lars Vestergaard (Group Executive Vice President & CFO), Brian M. Day (Group Executive Vice President), Manfred Schaffer (Group Executive Vice President) and Per Mejnert Kristensen (Group Executive Vice President)Go to Group Management.

Contact information

Q: Where can I subscribe for additional information on FLSmidth & Co.?
You can subscribe to announcements from FLSmidth by filling out the online form.

Q: How do I get in contact with the Management of FLSmidth & Co.?
Please contact Group Communications at who will help you to get in contact with the management.

Q: Who do I contact for general and/or media related questions about FLSmidth Co.?
Please feel free to contact FLSmidth's Senior Vice President, Group Communications, Sofie Karen Lindberg, e-mail:

Q: Who should I contact for investor related and/or financial questions?
Please feel free to contact FLSmidth's Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, Pernille Friis Andersen, e-mail:

Q: I am a student and I wish to write my thesis or PhD about FLSmidth & Co. Who do I contact?
: Please visit the student section of or website or contact Human Resources,, or Group Communications, and they will process your request.