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Krebs separation equipment for Power, Industrial and Water Treatment Applications

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FLSmidth Krebs is the world leader in Hydrocyclones and Separation Technology (Liquid-Liquid and Solid-Liquid separation)

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krebs cyclone vessel

Automotive: FLSmidth Krebs offers a variety of products ideal for reducing costs and improving process efficiency in automotive applications. Krebs hydrocyclones (cyclones) can be used to remove weld balls, oils and other contaminants from electro-coat (e-coat) painting systems to decrease defects in paint. Krebs hydrocyclones are also used in machining coolant operations to removing chips and other contaminants resulting in coolant usage.
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Krebs also offers highly efficient slurry pumps and valves designed for minor to abrasive applications.
Krebs Hydrocyclones for Automotive Applications brochure

 Krebs gMAX Flue Gas Cyclones FGD: Krebs® Hydrocyclones are used to classify limestone ball mill discharge in the reagent preparation area of wet flue gas desulfurization (WFGD) scrubbers in coal fired power plants. In the forced oxidation process,the limestone reagent reacts with absorbed SO2 from the boiler exhaust, forming gypsum as a byproduct. Gypsum slurry from the absorber is pumped to Krebs hydrocyclones to be dewatered from about 15-20% solids by weight to approximately 50% solids by weight.  Krebs also offers Technequip™ knife gate valves and millMAX™ pumps for FGD applications.
Krebs Hydrocyclones for Flue Gas Desulfurization brochure
Chemical: FLSmidth Krebs offers cyclones designed specifically to address difficult operating conditions present in chemical plants. Krebs cyclone technology allows for a superior separation of crystals and catalysts and can also be used to thicken feeds to increase the capacity of filters and centrifuges. The design of Krebs cyclones produces a finer separation with reduced wear, effectively lowering maintenance costs and downtime.
Krebs Hydrocyclones for Chemical Applications brochure
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Delayed Coker Units: Krebs cyclones are used to remove coke fines from cutting water in delayed coking systems. By removing the coke fines the high pressure pumps, valves and nozzles are protected from wear and their life is greatly extended. Removing the solids before the cut water tank extends the time between cleaning the tank out. Krebs Hydrocyclones for Downstream Oil Refinery Applications brochure


krebs cyclones for pulp and paper Pulp and Paper: FLSmidth Krebs offers high density stock cleaners as an ideal and effective methods to separate debris in pulp and paper industries. Krebs high density stock cleaners (hydrocyclones) can be used in Primary stock and severely abrasive and corrosive, secondary stock processes. Krebs  hydrocyclones are also designed to withstand corrosion, high temperatures, and heavy loads of abrasive materials such as glass, staples, and wire. Krebs supplies over 100 Pulp & Paper Mills in North America a cost effective solution to remove glass, staples, wires, and other debris from their process.
Krebs Hydrocyclones for Pulp & Paper Applications brochure

Sewage & Waste Water Treatment: Krebs® Hydrocyclones are used extensively in sewage treatment plants to remove grit, sand and other inorganic solids from the primary clarifier or grit chamber underflow. Hydrocyclones are more efficient and cost less than gravity sedimentation systems.  Debris such as bottle caps, plastic bottles, metal fragments, wood slivers, and other inorganic objects found in the raw sewage cause abrasive wear on process equipment and settle out in the digester. Debris can lead to shutting down operations. 
Krebs CycloClean™ systems, are comprised of liquid – liquid hydrocyclones, which provide oily water treatment. The design of Krebs cyclone produces a finer separation while decreasing wear. This technology reduces maintenance costs, lowers maintenance downtime, and increases downstream equipment life.
Krebs Hydrocyclones for Sewage Treatment Brochure

  Quench Water Treatment: Krebs® hydrocyclones are a highly efficient cost effective device for removing mill scale from quench water in metal forming plants such as steel, aluminum, brass and copper mills. Krebs Cyclones that are typically used for mill scale removal are typically effective down to 400 mesh (37 microns). Finer separations are possible with multiple numbers of small diameter cyclones.  Each system is custom designed and Krebs has many different cyclone sizes to meet the customers’ requirements on separation and capacity. Cyclones have a high capacity and take up much less space than clarifiers or filters.
Krebs Hydrocyclones for Quench Water Treatment brochure
 krebs cyclone separators

Fruit, Potato and Vegetable Wash applications:
Krebs hydrocyclones and separators are particularly useful in fruit and vegetable washing and processing operations. They
remove the solids from the wash water so the water can be used again. The cyclones are a highly efficient separators that remove sand and grit.
Fruit, Potato and Vegetable Wash Applications brochure

 Food and Beverage Processing(purees, sauces, hot sauces, ketchup, and beverages)Cyclones/Separators are used primarily as protective devices for downstream process equipment and to combat food contamination by dirt and grit in juices, sauces, pastes and purees.  They are used to remove seeds, pits, sand or tramp metal ahead of the food mills, homogenizers or centrifuges.
Krebs Hydrocyclones for Food & Beverage Processing Applications brochure

 krebs d series cyclones Plastic Recycling by Cyclone Heavy Media Separation:  Krebs® D Series Cyclones separates plastics by density separation methods.  With recycling on the rise and companies using recycled plastic materials costs are very important.  Krebs cyclones are very cost effective.  Krebs® Cyclones have been used to separate floating from sinking plastics and also to remove glass, rocks, metal and other heavy trash from plastics.  The typical cyclone size that used for this application is 10” diameter. Krebs offers units that are lined with elastomers or ceramic. Krebs Products for Plastic Separation Applications Insert
 hydrocyclone for plant water

Plant Intake Water Treatment Applications:  Krebs® Hydrocyclones and DeSanders are commonly used to remove sand from well water, rivers, lakes or the ocean. Removing the sand prior to filtration and settlers reduces maintenance and chemical usage in downstream equipment.  Single or multiple cyclones are installed on a manifold system depending on the volume and separation requirements. For very fine separations, down to about 5 microns, multiple numbers of small diameter alumina ceramic cyclones are installed in vessels that can be made to any required specification.
Krebs Hydrocyclones for Plant Intake Water Applications Insert


Gas Scrubber Recycle Applications: FLSmidth Krebs gMAX® cyclones can be used for removing solids from scrubber effluent. By separating the solids, the liquid can be sent to the spray nozzles in the scrubber. The removal of the solids prevents the nozzles from plugging and reduces wear on the nozzles. The piping for the spray nozzles also is protected.  Krebs millMAXTM pumps are ideally suited to feed cyclones and our TechnequipTM knife gate valves are used in scrubbing applications. Krebs Hydrocyclones for Gas Scrubber Recycle Applications


Salt Water Conversion: Krebs Cyclones and DeSanders are commonly used for brackish well water desanding as protection for reverse osmosis units from sand. For very fine separations down to about 5 microns, multiple numbers of small diameter alumina ceramic cyclones are installed in vessels. Krebs vessels and cyclones can be designed to any specification and from any alloy to meet the customer requirements. Krebs Hydrocyclones for Salt Water Conversion Applications

 cyclone fibrglass

Fiberglass:  Krebs Cyclones have been used to remove glass shot from rock wool fibers and glass fibers. The shot is beads of rock or glass that form when the fibers are being spun. By removing the shot, the quality of the fiber material
is improved. Typical cyclone sizes that are used in this application range from 10” to 26” diameter. Krebs offers units that are lined with replaceable elastomers or ceramic.
Krebs Hydrocyclones for Fiberglass / Rock Wool Applications


Many More Industrial and Water Treatment Applications!
Our cyclones, pumps and valves are used in a wide variety of Industrial & Water Treatment applications such as; Recycle Plastics, Soil Remediation, Quench Water in Steel Pants, Plant Intake/Cooling Water, Vehicle Wash, Metalworking/Coolant, and Food & Beverage plus many, many more.

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