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Latest developments in the case regarding industrial espionage against FLSmidth

Press Release, 20 May 2005

Based on FLSmidth's planned civil action against the German clinker cooler producer IKN Ingenieurbüro Kühlerbau Neustadt GmbH (IKN) for unlawfully having acquired drawings and other material for a Crossbar clinker cooler developed and patented by FLSmidth, IKN has presented their view of the case on their web site (
It should be underlined that FLSmidth does not agree with this view and has not been contacted by IKN in the matter before the release at the company's web site. 
IKN claims to have acquired the drawings and documents in question from a former FLS employee and consultant in good faith, which is completely in contravention with the order given by the court in Hanover according to which IKN must have been fully aware that the material was confidential know-how belonging to FLSmidth. Against this background, IKN waived their objection to the court's preliminary ban and seizure of the documents.
IKN's statement, therefore, does not change FLSmidth's planned civil action against IKN, both in Germany and in the US, to claim reasonable compensation for the losses inflicted upon FLSmidth through IKN's use of the unlawfully acquired material in their marketing.
FLSmidth also prepares to take action against the former employee, who sold the said documents and know-how to IKN.
Please address any questions regarding this annoucement to Johannus Egholm Hansen, Vice President and Manager of FLSmidth's Legal Department, at + 45 36 18 10 00.
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