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Thomas Schulz appointed as member of the board in Norsk Hydro


PRESS RELEASE - CEO of FLSmidth, Thomas Schulz, has been appointed member of the board in Norsk Hydro.

The Corporate Assembly in Norsk Hydro ASA on Thursday appointed CEO of FLSmidth, Thomas Schulz as member of the board.

After Thursday's election, the Board of Directors in Hydro consists of chair Dag Mejdell, deputy chair Irene Rummelhoff, shareholder-elected board members Finn Jebsen, Liv Monica Bargem Stubholt, Pedro Rodrigues, Thomas Schulz and Marianne Wiinholt, and the employee-elected board members Billy Fredagsvik, Sten Roar Martinsen and Ove Ellefsen.

Hydro's board members are elected for a period of up to two years.

For more information on the Board of Directors in Norsk Hydro ASA, visit Hydro's web site:


Please address any questions regarding this announcement to:

  • Press contact, Hydro, Halvor Molland, at +47 9297 9797
  • Senior Communications Advisor, FLSmidth, Jette Westerdahl, at +45 3093 1855

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