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FLSmidth to support Heidelberg with new service agreement concept



FLSmidth has agreed with Heidelberg on a one year service agreement contract to support their cement plant in Kjøpsvik in Norway.

The service agreement between the second largest cement producer in the world, Heidelberg, and FLSmidth is based on a partnership between FLSmidth's global team of specialists and the Heidelberg Kjøpsvik operators and process engineers. The FLSmidth team will real-time monitor and diagnose the plant and advise the Kjøpsvik process operators and process engineers on improvements, increasing availability and reducing operating costs, while at the same time ensuring the plant will maximize its performance.

"Optimising equipment performance is difficult without the access to a wide range of specialists. It is not easy for customers with plants often in remote corners of the world to recruit specialists. We have an experienced global specialist team ready to support the customers at all hours of the day anywhere in the world," says Vice President, Global R&D, FLSmidth Customer Services, Skage Hem.

Service is increasingly important for FLSmidth and a growing business; in the last quarter alone service business across FLSmidth grew 24% compared with the same quarter last year. Although global growth has slowed down, the equipment of many of our existing customers still needs to be maintained and optimised in order to increase the productivity of the plant. With more than 90% of the lifecycle cost of cement plants being OPEX cost, service agreements are an area of continued growth potential for FLSmidth. And the gap between the best and the worst run processes point to the fact that there is a valuable improvement potential for operating the plants better.

"Customers are increasingly looking to us to support them in getting the most out of their production; we know the equipment, and how to maintain and run it to increase availability and performance," says Skage Hem and continues: "Knowledge-based service is about ensuring that we help customers increase their productivity; even a minor improvement in productivity results in substantial financial gains for the customer."


Please address any questions regarding this announcement to Vice President, Global R&D, FLSmidth Customer Services, Skage Hem, at +45 36 18 10 87.

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