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FLSmidth to build cement plant in USA

Message to the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, No. 29-2005

FLSmidth has received a USD 52m contract from in the USA to build a cement plant with a capacity of 2,900 tonnes per day or some 1 million tonnes per year.
FLSmidth's supplies of engineering and machinery for the new cement plant, to be constructed for an American cement producer, will be based on state-of-the-art environmental technology to comply with some of the world's most stringent emission standards of the Environmental Protection Agency and CDEPA in the USA.
FLSmidth's American project centre in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is responsible for processing the project which comprises the following main machines: A complete raw material handling department with an FRM vertical mill, silos and blending systems, as well as a complete pyroprocessing system with a five-stage ILC preheater and a gearless ROTAX kiln, a Multi-Movable Cross-Bar cooler, in addition to an OK vertical mill for grinding of cement. FLSmidth's contract scope also includes engineering services, filters and flue gas cleaning.
"Today, environmental improvements and optimisation of resource consumption at a cement plant are among the most important competition parameters in customers' choice of supplier. FLSmidth has in recent years supplied the world's technologically leading cement facilities in terms of reduction of flue gas emission and lowering of energy consumption, thereby cementing its position as the market leader also within this field. We are therefore pleased that our advanced technology is now also paving the way for FLSmidth expansion into the growing and environmentally demanding US market," says Group CEO Jørgen Huno Rasmussen.
The order will contribute beneficially to FLSmidth's earnings until the plant is commissioned in 2008.
Please address any questions regarding this announcement to Group CEO Jørgen Huno Rasmussen, FLSmidth & Co. A/S at +45 36 18 10 00.
Yours faithfully
Torben Seemann Hansen
Corporate Public Relations