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Settlement in the case against IKN regarding industrial espionage

Press Release, 05 August 2005

FLSmidth has agreed to a settlement with the German clinker cooler producer IKN Ingenieurbüro Kühlerbau Neustadt GmBH (IKN). Against this background, FLSmidth has dropped the planned civil action and claim for damages against the German competitor for unlawfully having acquired drawings and other material for the Crossbar clinker cooler developed and patented by FLSmidth.
In connection with IKN's use of the unlawfully acquired material in their marketing, IKN has offered FLSmidth a financial compensation which is acceptable when comparing with cases of this nature. The parties have agreed not to publish the size of this financial compensation. In accordance with the Court's statement, IKN has also waived its objection to the ban issued by the Court in Hannover and to the seizure of the material on the Crossbar-cooler developed and patented by FLSmidth.
In addition, IKN has published a revised statement giving their view of the course of events on their website and
FLSmidth considers the case against IKN closed and looks forward to again facing competition on the cooler market on equal terms.
Please address any questions regarding this announcement to Group CEO Jørgen Huno Rasmussen, FLSmidth & Co. A/S at +45 36 18 10 00.
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