About the Share

FLSmidth & Co A/S has been listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen since 1968. FLSmidth & Co.'s share capital consists of 51,250,000 shares of DKK 20 nominal value each.

About the FLSmidth share

Investor Proposition

Investing in FLSmidth means investing in an asset light business model, full flow sheet solutions, a holistic life-cycle approach and more sustainable and eco-efficient technologies. Learn more about why to invest in FLSmidth here.

Investor proposition


  • FLSmidth has a leading global market position, based on more than 135 years of experience as a supplier of equipment and services to the global cement and mining industries
  • FLSmidth wants to grow its footprint in minerals and expand its leading position in the premium cement market 
  • FLSmidth focuses on six key industries: Copper, gold, coal, iron ore, fertilizer and cement
  • The service business, accounting for 50-60% of FLSmidth's total business, is a particular focus area, offering meaningful growth opportunities worldwide



  • Roughly two-thirds of FLSmidth's revenue is generated in emerging markets. An investment in FLSmidth is an investment in the emerging markets growth story
  • FLSmidth is a truly global company operating in more than 100 countries
  • Around one-third of the company's employees are based in FLSmidth's engineering centre in India



  • FLSmidth has a relatively asset light business model with outsourced manufacturing and a flexible cost structure, resulting in a high cash conversion which allows the company to manoeuvre safely through the cycles
  • FLSmidth will offer customers in its six key industries full flow sheet solutions that reflect the company's core competences
  • FLSmidth's primary value-proposition is based on a holistic life-cycle approach, lower total cost of ownership and more sustainable and eco-efficient technologies



  • Cement and minerals are vital for economic, social and technological development
  • FLSmidth has a proven ability to help customers increase capacity, reduce operating costs and lower environmental impact
  • FLSmidth has an excellent track record of reliability, time to market and project follow-through
  • FLSmidth has a unique ability to meet the full range of customer requirements, from complete plants to spare parts and full operation and maintenance services