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FLSmidth & Co A/S has been listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen since 1968. FLSmidth & Co.'s share capital consists of 51,250,000 shares of DKK 20 nominal value each.

About the FLSmidth share

Financial Objectives

Here you can find FLSmidth's guidance and long-term financial targets.

Financial Objectives FLSmidth

Group guidance:

Long-term financial targets for FLSmidth subject to ­normalised market conditions

Annual growth in revenue:      Above the market average    
EBITA margin:    10-13%
ROCE: >20%
Tax rate: 32-34% 
Equity ratio:  >30% 
Financial gearing NIBD/EBITDA:  <2 
Pay-out ratio:  30-50% of the profit for the year 

Divisional long-term financial targets:


(over the cycle)

(over the cycle)

Net working capital
(as pct. of revenue)

 Customer Services  5-10% >15%  15-20%
 Product Companies  5-10%  12-15%  ~15%
 Minerals  5-6%  3-8%  Negative
 Cement  3-5%  3-8%  Negative