Receiving stations

Receiving stations for production samples are the terminal device of a pneumatic transport tube system on the laboratory side.

Automatic receiving station, multiple lines (PT-AST/ML)
  • Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Manual


For metal and slag samples. Handles two different types of carrier.

In a cantral laboratory setup, a connection of up to 20 transport tube lines is possible, where the sample transfer to the following preparation units with linear or robot sample handling gives the total freedom to plan according to requirements. In the closed handling system, transfer stations give manual access to the sample for special treatment.




Automatic receiving station for powder samples, with these functions: reception of the carrier, opening, emptying, cleaning, closing and return to the sending station. In the automatic receiving station, carriers filled with sample material arrive from above at the discharge station. Here, the lid of the carrier is pneumatically locked and the carrier lifted. The sample material can now fall down into a follow-on device that is on standby underneath. A vibrator supports thorough discharging of the carrier. From the sample transfer device built into the lower part of the receiving station, the container with sample material is transferred for processing in the lab.


The PT-SST-8 is a semi-automatic receiving station for up to 8 carriers. Taking-out, discharge and returning into PT-SST-8 is done manually by the operator, the transport back to the plant-station takes place automatically.

PT-SST-8 recieving station


Manual removal and discharge of carriers.
The highest standards of safety are assured through locking the station. For manual and semi-automatic systems.
Manual receiving station PT-MST


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