For our sample transport tube systems we offer a wide range of accessories.

manual ring cleaning device
  • Tubes & bends
  • General
  • Diverter


For our transport tube systems we are using high grade steel pipes with dimensions 80 x 2,5 mm. The basic tube comes as it was produced with no corossion-protection. A zinc coated finish is available.
Transport tube


Tube bends for sample transport systems are available in 1500 and 1700 mm bending radius.

Transport tube bend



When outside temperature changes, connectors between tubes have to deal with high forces due to length changes. Our tube connection clamps are designed to deal with this.

tube clamp

Sample identification

    The identification terminal gives you the opportunity to identify the sample/carrier at the origin where it was taken out of the process. It is used on plant side as well as in the laboratory. Status, system messages and errors are displayed at the human machine interface (HMI).
    sample ident terminal PAL-TERM
    PAL-TERM sample identification terminal



  • Blower
    With our comprehensive line of blowers we make sure that the carrier is always traveling with the optimal speed through the transport tube system. At the engineering phase of a transport tube system we determine the working point under consideration of tube length, carrier payload, number of bends and carrier velocity and choose the adequate equipment. 
    transport tube blower

Carrier opener 

  • Cover extractor for manual opening and closing of carriers
    cover extractor

1:2 diverter

The diverter has 1 inlet and 2 outlet (or vice versa) positions.

transport tube diverter 1 to 2


1:4 diverter

The diverter has 1 inlet and 4 outlet (or vice versa) positions.

transport tube diverter 1 to 4


Essa Sampling Systems

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