FLSmidth Gas Suspension Drying Equipment

With over 350 gas suspension systems in service since 1972, FLSmidth is the world leader in gas suspension technology

Gas Suspension Drying Equipment
  • General

FLSmidth supplied Gas suspension drying (GSD) is an economical method for processing fine materials such as potash, phosphate, limestone fines, alumina, trona, clays, talc and other mineral products. Drying takes place in a stationary vertical column - no rotating parts or grid plates with simple PID control of the fuel.

The FLSmidth Group complements the system integration with material handling, fuel preparation, air pollution control and automation technologies. FLSmidth is the One-Source supplier of complete drying systems.

Flash dryer advantages 

  • Lower capital cost
  • No moving components 
  • No grid plate or nozzles 
  • Smaller foot print 
  • Extremely fast response to process changes
  • Lower power consumption 
  • Higher thermal efficiency

Flash dryer feed screw