FLSmidth VXPmill

The VXPmill is designed as an efficient option for fine and ultra fine grinding applications

VXPmill vertical stirred mill
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The VXPmill is designed as an efficient option for fine and ultra fine grinding applications and outperforms similar technologies in:

  • Capital cost
  • Flexible design
  • Installed power per ton processed 
  • Operating and maintenance costs 
  • Higher throughput and availability 
  • Smaller footprint 
  • Automation and data collection

FLSmidth® VXPmills are vertical stirred mills which operate at a power intensity that is higher than low-speed mills and overlaps that of high speed mills. This allows the VXPmill to be customized to a wide range of grinding applications.

Lower ore grades and complex minerology are driving demand for more efficient fine grinding.

FLSmidth is a One-Source engineering and equipment supplier that provides a full range of fine-grinding mills designed for easy shipment, simple erection and trouble-free maintenance. Most importantly, these vertical stirred mills are customizable to each unique mining application, optimizing the performance of the mill and increasing ore recoveries. VXPmills are delivered with short lead times at market-leading capital and operating costs.

VXPmill in operation.

 FLSmidth® VXPmill  Net Volume (L)  Installed Power (KW)  Design Speed (rpm) 









































VXPmill Maintenance

The VXPmill’s unique design allows operators to quickly flush and drain the media out of the mill into a holding tank in preparation for disc maintenance. After the flushing cycle is completed, a valve is simply opened at the bottom of the mill and the ceramic beads drain into a temporary media storage tank.

This simple feature allows media removal in a safe fashion, as there is no need for the operators to enter the milling chamber in order to remove the media. Once the beads are finished draining, the bottom flange of the milling chamber is lowered and the mill is then ready for maintenance work to be performed.

This is not only a safe solution, but the rapid maintenance process allows for increased time savings and machine availability.





FLSmidth VXPmill Brochure
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