Fluid Bed Systems

FLSmidth fluidized bed technology is used for dryers, reactors, and coolers.

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A fluid bed dryer air system typically consists of an entering air blower, cyclone, vent fan, secondary dust collection equipment, and interconnecting ductwork. The source of the heat can be either direct or indirect. Feed to the dryer is usually by means of a belt or vibrating pan feeder through a chute in the side of the dryer. Discharge is typically via an overflow weir. Final product moisture is a function of the bed temperature and the retention time.

A fluidized bed reactor utilizes "in bed" burning of fuel as opposed to a dryer, where heat is furnished to the bed from an external source. These systems are used for calcining, roasting, high temperature materials processing and incineration applications where the processing temperature is above the ignition point of the fuel.

Features & Benefits

  • High product quality. The uniform temperature through-out the bed and ease of controlling this within narrow limits (+ 5°F) result in unequalled product quality.
  • High thermal efficiency. The fast, efficient transfer of heat and mass means minimum product temperature is required. This feature, along with gas-solids thermal equilibrium and minimum heat loss from the shell, reduces fuel and air requirements.
  • High reliability. With an absolute minimum of moving parts and none in the hot zones, maintenance on machinery items and refractory is minimized. Wear on the equipment is minimal even when handling abrasive material, so system availability is high, and most maintenance can be handled on a planned shutdown basis.
  • Low space requirements. The dryer itself is a stationary vertical vessel requiring a minimum of floor space, and the arrangement
    of components is quite flexible to meet any special plant layout requirements.
  • Low initial cost. Backed by FFE Minerals’ “fluidization” experience of over 30 years, and continuing development work, each system is custom designed to ensure low cost consistent with high quality performance.
  • Low operating cost. The high thermal efficiency along with low maintenance and low operating manpower requirements because of automatic controls mean minimum overall costs while maintaining maximum product quality and system reliability.

Fluidized Bed Dryer

Features & Benefits

  • Compact arrangement of system requires minimum floor space.
  • Efficient burning of fuel and heat recovery mean low operating costs.
  • Stationary vessel and minimum of moving parts mean reduced maintenance costs.
  • Low flame temperature means negligible NOx emissions and minimal chance of bed fusion.
  • FFE Minerals has commercial experience with large units operating at 2500°F or higher.
  • Incinerators reduce organic wastes to sterile inert ash and environmentally-safe exhaust gas.
  • Automatic control for incinerator can switch from supplemental fuel to quench water as heat value of feed varies.
  • Incinerator is easily modified for production of valuable inorganic salts if present in feed.

Fluidized Bed Reactor