SYMETRO Rotating parts

More than 1200 MAAG Symetro gear units are driving ball mills around the world. With the "anti aging treatments" based on TSHH technology we have the perfect solution to keep them running well into the future.

Symetro Rotating
  • New rotating parts

Technical data

High efficiency, long life and little maintenance made the SYMETRO gear unit the ideal central drive solution for ball mills.

Nothing lasts for ever
Should your SYMETRO gear unit wear down eventually, new rotating parts become the ideal “plug and play“ solution.

The new rotating parts fit easily into the existing gear casing as “plug and play“. The total replacement operation takes less than two weeks with no additional cost for civil work due to the reuse of the existing foundation and bottom frame. After a final check of tooth contact, lubrication and safety systems, the mill can be restarted at full load.

Design – TSHH technology
All SYMETRO pinions are case-hardened (carborised) and ground with a surface hardness up to HB 550. The pinion teeth meshing with the high-grade, through-hardened and ground steel teeth of the gear wheels with hardnesses up to HB 360 offer unrivalled pitting resistance and excellent strength properties combined with a very high service factor.

Installation of TSHH technology rotating parts will prove to be an attractive long-term investment with a very short payback time. Please contact FLSmidth MAAG Gear for a price and calculation covering the service factors for your existing gear units.

We recommend regular and systematic inspection of gear units to ascertain their condition. FLSmidth MAAG Gear has developed a special procedure supported by advanced vibration measuring equipment to detect faults in the rotating parts.


  • Reuse of casing, bearing housings, and torsion shaft
  • No civil engineering
  • Easy erection within 2 weeks
  • Starting at 100% load
  • Increased AGMA service factor due to TSHH technology
  • Precision-ground gear teeth
  • Helix and profile corrections
  • Easy maintenance, assembly tools included
  • Highest mill availability
  • Low cost compared to alternatives
  • Short payback time
Rotation parts for Symetro gear units - plug and play