Dorr-Oliver Flotation Cells

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Dorr-Oliver Flotation Cells
  • Overview

Increased fine particle recovery

The Dorr-Oliver Flotation Mechanism is the most energy efficient, technically advanced, forced air flotation machine on the market. It has been specifically designed to maximize fine particle recovery. The Dorr-Oliver streamlined, high efficiency rotor is a very powerful pump that works together with the stator to generate and define an energy intensive zone in the bottom of the cell. This ensures effective solids suspension and the ability to restart in even the most difficult of applications. The well defined turbulence zone at the bottom of the cell results in multiple passes of unattached particles through the highest energy dissipation area of the cell where fine particles are driven into contact with the air bubbles. The stator design, in addition to providing good separation of the zones in the cell also serves to redirect the rotor jet uniformly across the tank to allow the maximum amount of air to be dispersed into the cell without disturbing the surface. Air dispersion capabilities of the Dorr-Oliver cell exceed all competitive forced air designs. Maximizing the air dispersion capability is an important consideration for fine particle recovery.


  • Low power consumption – Streamlined pump-action vortex profile rotor and overhung type stator are more efficient than other Forced Air flotation units.
  • Non-clogging low maintenance design rotor.
  • High air dispersion capability – High shear rotor–stator combination gives a wider range of airflow adjustment than competitive systems and results in greater control of the flotation process.
  • Superior metallurgical performance – Intense recirculation in a well defined mixing zone multiplies the chances of contact between mineral particles and air bubbles, providing for greater mineral recoveries and higher concentrate grades.
  • Easier restarting mechanism – Overhung stator design and the vortex rotor profile keeps the pumping channels free of settled solids. This makes restarts easier after unplanned shutdowns.
  • Low reagent costs – Air is a natural reagent in the flotation process. Having a wide air dispersion capability permits tuning your flotation plant to the optimum value for your process.


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