Control Room Furniture

State-of-the-art control systems from FLSmidth, enables one operator to control a production line - or more.

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We have redesigned our philosophy for the Central Control Room (CCR)!


The CCR is today the cockpit of the plant, where the operator is able to concentrate on maximizing producing and at the same time being focusing on lowering the costs.  FLSmidth has especially focused on the need for the operator to do exactly just that - nothing else.


Each operator station is designed according to the latest technology requirements; only one operator at each operator station, and two or three monitors on one PC with a keyboard and pointing device. The operator stations are electrically adjustable in height allowing the operator to stand or sit as he prefers. The chairs are also fully adjustable, and all PCs are installed in a separate room to reduce noise level. The operator station is a modular system and flexible for the design of the control room. The system consists of three different modules, two operator stations and a printer station.

Modular Danish design



The two operator station modules can be combined as needed - either together or individually.