Degritting Equipment Systems

Collection and separation systems for cost-effective grit removal

Degritting Equipment Systems
  • Overview

Abrasive, heavy and insoluble, inorganic grit poses a threat to many of the processes and equipment found in wastewater treatment plants. If not removed, grit can accumulate in aeration basins, digesters, heat exchangers, pipelines and channels. It accelerates wear on mechanical equipment, reducing the service life of pumps, centrifuges, valves and bearings, and increasing the costs of operation and maintenance.

To control these costs, FLSmidth offers complete range of collection and separation systems for a wide variety of applications and specifically engineered for cost-effective grit removal at the plant headworks. Our grit systems offer simple, reliable and continuous removal with the design flexibility to satisfy virtually any set of influent characteristics and disposal requirements.

Our primary grit removal products can be fitted with integral grit washing classifiers of the rake or screw type. Secondary grit removal devices include rake and screw classifiers with integral Dorrclone hydroclone for efficient grit concentration and washing. The Dorr-Oliver ODS® grit pump offers years of trouble-free operation in abrasive, corrosive environments. FLSmidth specializes in retrofits for existing grit removal systems with customized designs for specific process.

Features & Benefits

  • Efficient separation of grit from organics
  • Cost-effective designs
  • Low power consumption
  • Proven equipment with long track records
  • Years of reliable service in the harshest of environments