WEMCO screw classifiers

Each Wemco unit is unique and loaded with advantages and benefits to make your job easier and your company more productive.

Screw Classifier
  • Overview
  • Model E Classifier

S-H Classifers

The WEMCO® S-H Classifiers are used for washing and dewatering pulps and in closed circuit grinding. The WEMCO S-H Classifier is available in a wide range of spiral diameters and pitches, tank shapes and lengths, allowing exact compliance with each user's classification requirements.


  • 15 spiral diameter sizes
  • Available in threee standard spiral pitch sizes
  • A variety of spiral lengths and speeds can be selected depending on the application
  • Three standard tank sizes
  • Three pool depth series
  • Motorized hydraulic, manual hydraulic, and screw lifting device options
  • Reliable drive arrangement
  • Large diameter tubular shaft is supported by upper and lower bearings
  • Cast steel flight arms are short with a large cross-section that will resist big loads without bending
  • Pre-formed steel flight sections bolt to the flight arms
  • Abrasion-resistant wearing shoes are fastened to flights with countersunk bolts
  • Patented upper and lower bearings.

WEMCO No. 24 Spiral Classifier

The WEMCO No.24 Spiral Classifier is designed to settle and dewater relatively coarse particles from high volume, low percent volume solid streams. It will separate suspended particles at 35 mesh at a flow rate of 5000 GPM. The special design of this unit also permits it to hydraulically transfer surges of up to 10,000 GPM of wastewater without overflowing.


  • Wearing shoes in two sections
  • Sectionalized flights
  • Adjustable spiral speeds to fit specific needs
  • Motorized, hydraulic spiral lifting device
  • Anti-friction upper and lower bearings



  • Low initial cost
  • Low operation costs, due in part to anti-friction, trouble-free bearings
  • Individually replaceable components keep maintenance costs low
  • Motorized lifting device eliminates costly overhead frames and the necessity of draining the tank during shutdowns

The WEMCO® Model E Classifier is designed to efficiently separate particles from liquids and slimes, and coarse from fine particles.

All sand preparation equipment takes a lot of punishment and sooner or later you must repair or replace parts. FLSmidth's WEMCO Model E Classifier makes that job easier and less expensive.

A major replacemetn item is the wearing shoe. With Model E you only replacet he section you need. The abrasion-resistant tank liner lasts a long time, but not forever. Bolted construction makes replacement easy.

The unique low horsepower lifting device allows repair and replacement without draining the tank resulting in lower operating costs than high starting torque motors.

Features & Benefits

  • The wearing shoe comes in two sections which means only the worn section must be replaced and at a cost of a fraction of a cent per ton of feed
  • Speed reduction via high quality cyclo-drive
  • Bolted, abrasion-resistant steel tank liner is easy to replace
  • Longer tank and spiral length for better dewatering
  • True grease-lubricated submerged bearings eliminate reliance on troublesome and inefficient waterflush bearings
  • Low horsepower equals lower maintenance costs, longer motor life, and reduced maintenance.
  • Integral feed and overflow box included
  • 50% pitch spiral welded to the shaft is efficient for fines raking
  • Wide variety of spiral options available to meet all needs
  • Spiral length modifications available to assure maximum drainage
  • Spiral diameter variety allows for accurate separation and control of agitation
  • 3 pool depth series available
  • Simplified gear drives are compact, efficient, and strong
  • Anti-friction bearings assure long, trouble-free operation.