Preventative maintenance for Knelson concentrators

Knelson's offers maintenance and contract training services for every model of Knelson Concentrator.

The concentrator is designed and manufactured to provide reliable long-term service and trouble-free operation. It is critical to implement a pro-active preventative maintenance program to ensure high unit availability and the lowest possible operating costs for any mineral processing equipment.

  • Maintenance Training Outline
  • Contract Maintenance

While the on-site 2-3 day maintenance seminar is tailored to small groups of maintenance personnel, the factory training is a 3-5 day, hands-on, one-on-one training. Both on-site and factory maintenance training services will cover the following topics.


  • Knelson brand history 
  • Concentrator overview


Process Operation

  • How does it work 
  • Process mechanical operation relationships



  • Mine site lock-out procedure
  • Specific concentrator cautions


Rotor Assembly Removal

  • Assembly removal
  • Bearing removal


Bearing Installation

  • Shaft inspection 
  • Do's & don'ts of bearing installation


Rotor Assembly Installation

  • Installation and settings


Concentrate Cone

  • Procedure and precautions
  • Deflector pad & wear cone


Drive Sheaves 

  • Pulley installation
  • Belt alignment


Fluidization Water

  • Water filter operation and assembly
  • Rotary union operation and assembly
  • Causes of cone scaling
  • Cone cleaning, mechanical and chemical 
  • Water treatment, how it works



  • Grease types, amounts and components
  • Automated lubrication systems

Preventative Maintenance (PM)

  • Daily inspections
  • Weekly inspections 
  • Monthly inspections
  • Quarterly inspections 
  • Critical wear zones 
  • Mine site PM procedure


Maintenance Survey 

  • Hours in service 
  • Parts life expectancy 
  • Typical maintenance 
  • Unit availability 
  • Cone cleaning


Linatex Lining Repairs 

  • Tips and procedures
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Premature lining wear 
  • Premature bearing failure 
  • Causes of excessive vibration 
  • Causes of excessive water pressure



  • Benefits of using automation 
  • Cautions when working on or around automation 
  • Control screens and alarms 
  • Maintenance checkpoints 
  • Critical spares


Written Exam 

  • A reminder/checklist 
  • Exam review


New Designs 

  • What's new from Knelsons' engineering dept.
  • Knelson Accessories
  • Products that make your job easier

FLSmidth's contract maintenance service on Knelson equipment is an integrated service that includes a technical evaluation of preventative maintenance requirements that can be supported by routine maintenance through to complete maintenance shutdowns.

FLSmidth's qualified technicians, engineers and analysts support a predictive maintenance schedule that provides your maintenance personnel with a checklist of maintenance necessities that will reduce rebuild and repair services.

The contract maintenance service also supports a 48-hour turn around time of genuine Knelson spare parts and other related Knelson equipment.

The contract maintenance service is for those who...

  • Are planning a shutdown and need expertise to inspect or service the Knelson Concentrator(s)
  • Need guaranteed repairs or servicing
  • Are unfamiliar with major overhaul procedures
  • Require up-to-date training



Eliminate costly repairs
With proper preventative  maintenance  at scheduled servicing intervals, major repairs will be reduced to a planned event putting you in control.
60 point inspection
Ask Knelson about their 60-point unit inspection service. This report will provide a detailed condition analysis of your Knelson Concentrator(s) which can be used to establish a preventative  maintenance
program tailored to your specific needs
Minimize on-site parts inventory
Stock only the critical common spares that you need and reduce costly on shelf inventory. Knelsons program will show you which spares are critical and which spares are not. Think of it as "just in time" inventory.
Preferential Parts Pricing
With Knelson Concentrators contract maintenance service, you receive preferential  spare parts pricing.
Correct maintenance procedures
Fully qualified Knelson technicians will educate you and your personnel on the procedures that will keep your Knelson Concentrator operating at peak efficiency.
Exchange major components
Knelsons exchange programs offers high quality refurbished  components at significant savings.
Reduce downtime
Through proper preventative maintenance, Knelson can show you what can be done to increase unit availability and minimize production downtown. 
Comprehensive reporting
All service records are tracked including average throughput  versus wear indicators from last inspection, repairs and other identifiers to track odd anomalies.
Knelson stands behind their products and services with a complete 60-day warranty