Summit Valley Merrill-Crowe Plants

FLSmidth designs and manufactures Summit Valley low maintenance modular Merrill-Crowe plants and zinc feeders.

  • Merrill-Crowe Plants

FLSmidth designs Summit Valley Merrill Crowe plants ranging from 250-2100 m3/hr. We can provide the full flow sheet from clarification through the pouring of doré. With over 20 installations worldwide we have the knowledge and experience to handle any process situation.  

Merrill-Crowe Clarifier
Clarifier being prepared for shipping


Merrill-Crowe Deaeration TowerDeaeration tower for skid mounted 400 cubic meter/hour packaged plant. Once the plant is assembled, the tower is removed for shipping. This plant will fit in 40 foot ocean containers.

Merrill-Crowe Pilot Unit15 gallon/minute Merrill-Crowe pilot plant. All equipment, except the clarifier and precipitate filters, is mounted on a single skid.



Zinc Feeder - Skid MountedSkid mounted Zinc Feeder with precipitate pump