Complete range of types and sizes of ore skips from 1 to 34 cubic meters (40 to 1200 cubic feet).

  • Ore Skips
  • Safety Equipment

Our skips, regardless of size or style, are designed for fast and clean dumping of ores, in all kinds of metallic and non-metallic mines. Our skips are available in steel, more weight efficient aluminum, corrosion-resistant stainless steels or a combination of these materials.

80 Years of Skip Building Experience

All Skips are designed based on over 80 years of experience supplying thousands of Skips to every application, from Gold, Silver, Iron and Lead to Potash, Coal and Salt and others. That documented experience, methods and standards are then coupled with the latest engineering design technology and FLSmidth Minerals Quality Assurance Systems to produce efficient, safe, long lasting Skips Maximizing tonnage is the goal in all forms of materials handling. FLSmidth Minerals has developed some of the most innovative skips designs to suit all applications.

  • Bottom Dump Skip - Light & Rugged for medium to large load. Well suited for large uncrushed muck and wet sticky fines.
  • Rolachute Skip™ - Fastest Cycle, Low Maintenance
  • Arc-Gate Skip - Lowest Maintenance, Rugged, Safest
  • Kimberley Skip - Lightest, Least Expensive
  • Also Sala Type Skip, Front-Dump Skip, Incline Skip and Skip / Cage Combinations

Quality Construction
Skips often operating at high speeds up to 1080 m/min; 65 kph (3600 fpm; 40 mph) make balance and alignment critical design considerations and issues to which we pay close attention. Optimize your production by maximizing payload to tare weight ratios for improved operational efficiency by installing the Skip type and material of construction best suited to your application, as supported by our experience and vast list of installations.

All Skips are available with proven safety mechanisms for either wood, steel or rope guides.

Contact us and advise us of your operating conditions and we will help you pick the best Skip type, Material, Guiding System and Safety Mechanism to economically suit your application.

Call our Underground Mining Team to find out more: + 1 888 878 4726

Ultra Heavy Duty Catch Gear for North America’s Largest Ore Skips

Shown is part of a set designed for an impact loading of 1,400,000 lbs.


Catch Gears


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