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FLSmidth has a hoist reference list that exceeds 500 installations worldwide over a period spanning more than 100 years. This includes machines from the previous mine hoisting business of GEC Alstom, South Africa, which was purchased by FLSmidth in October 1997.

FLSmidth has extensive experience in the supply of hoists in the three principle categories:

  • Friction/Koepe Hoists 
  • Drum Hoists (Single and Double Drum) 
  • Blair Multi-Rope (BMR) Hoists

Hoists for specialist applications such as stage hoists for shaft sinking operations have also been designed and supplied. FLSmidth has supplied hoists with drum diameters ranging from less than 1.0 m to greater than 6.0 m. The majority of these hoists have been of the double drum configuration with dual clutched drums and diameters greater than 5.0 m.

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