Guide Rollers

FLSmidth Guide Rollers operate on timber or hollow structural steel shaft guides at speeds as high as 40 miles per hour.

Guide Rollers
  • Guide Rollers

Minimize Shaft Maintenance and Extend Equipment Life

With an improperly designed or miss-applied Guide Roller any slight misalignment of the guides can cause the conveyance to impact the guides at as much as 2 G’s. These impacts eventually cause further misalignment of the guides and the problem compounds until the guides must be re-aligned.

The use of FLSmidth Guide Rollers has resulted in reduced shaft maintenance and roller adjustment and prolonged roller life. FLSmidth Minerals has developed over many years a complete range of Guide Rollers to suit every condition and application.

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Mine Shaft Systems Overview Brochure
(see pages 14-15 for more information on Guide Rollers)