Designed for multiple uses, with options for internal or external equipment transport, multiple levels for men, removable floors and any custom arrangements needed.

Dorr-Oliver Cage
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Cages are available for service and auxiliary compartments and in various combinations with skips. Our cages range from very small 2-man Auxiliary Cages and Trailer Cages to Multi-Deck Cages handling 250 men or more, or internal loads of trucks and equipment and material of 50 tons or more.

80 Years of Experience
All Cages are designed based on over 80 years of experience of supplying thousands of Cages. That documented experience, methods and standards are then coupled with the latest technology engineering design methods and our Quality Assurance Systems to produce a certified safe and long-lasting Cage.

We provide safety mechanisms for either wood, steel or rope shaft guides. We also provide safety equipment such as arrestor frames for the head frame and shaft sump. These devices are designed to create a predictable deceleration and bring the conveyance to a controlled stop in the event of a hoist problem.

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