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Shriver filter presses are industrial grade heavy-duty machines, designed for long life, low maintenance, easy operation and cost effective filtration.

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Since 1901, Shriver filter presses have been manufactured for liquid-solid filtration processes, with over 30,000 presses sold worldwide. Shriver® filter presses are industrial grade heavy-duty machines, designed for long life, low maintenance, easy operation and cost effective filtration.

Shriver® filter presses are available in a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of each individual application covering a wide range of processing industries. Our product range includes filters with options to meet the specific plant needs.

FLSmidth Process Application Assistance for Pressure Filtration Applications

With our depth of experience in pressure filtration applications around the globe, FLSmidth is well positioned to assist you with sizing and configuring a filter press to meet your needs. We maintain a fully equipped laboratory for bench-scale testing when required and FLSmidth maintains a fleet of pilot filter presses for on-site trials and filtration studies. Our process engineers have considerable expertise in filter press selection, flow-sheet development, material balances and ancillary equipment selection for every phase of your project. If you require a basic standard Shriver Filter Press or a fully automatic Shriver with membrane plates instrumentation and PLC controls, contact us for assistance with your project.

Filter Press Selection

Contact FLSmidth to learn more about the Standard SHRIVER® FILTER PRESS Program.

We have new Filter Media technologies that add value and increase filter press performance. Through innovative product development, high performance and increased abrasion resistant fabrics, we are able to provide valuable benefits in filtration processes with a competitive advantage.

Our dedicated Shriver Team is here to serve your needs. Our extended offerings include: parts, filter media, service, repairs, rebuilds, upgrades, service contracts, value added solutions, and special inventory programs. To inquire about specific parts you need for your equipment, please fill out the Replacement Parts Order Inquiry.

FLSmidth, your "Strategic Partner", offers our customers single source responsibility for all your process requirements. We are dedicated to exceptional delivery, exceptional quality, and exceptional costs.

To speak with a trained Filter Press Representative, please contact us at: Phone: + 1.801.871.7384 Fax: 801.871.7562

Technical Support and Experience

FLSmidth's filtration experts provide the experience in evaluation, specification and the fabrication of filter media for optimum performance in pressure filtration. Our experience and worldwide network of dedicated filtration specialists are invaluable in providing proven solutions to meet exacting performance requirements.

Advanced Separation Technology
To meet our customer's great variety of filtration requirements relative to flow rate, clarity of filtrate, moisture of filter cake, cake release, non-binding characteristics, micron rating, and other criteria; EIMCO utilizes state-of-the-art fabrics, advanced manufacturing processes and the most current technologies. 

FLSmidth's EIMCO products, services, and fabrics are combining new fabric manufacturing technologies, chemical and mechanical fabric advancements, exceptional design and precision-engineering techniques for efficiency and quality.
Superior Performance Leads to Greater Reward... THE EIMCO ADVANTAGE

  • Performance - filter media superiority - the keystone to cost efficient filtration is in the selection of the best media for even the most demanding process environments.
  • Reliability - over 90 years of experience - EIMCO produces filter media with outstanding performance, continuous operation and separation efficiency for all process applications.
  • Selection - A complete line of filter media is available in a wide range of synthetic fibers, blends and weaves. Our year of process application experience provides the technical expertise in recommending filter media.
  • Rapid Delivery - we stock an extensive line of fabric types - available as off-the-shelf roll goods or fabrics ready for final assembly and shipping. Also, special programs allow inventory of finished product ready for rapid delivery when an emergency situation arises. \
  • Service - global sales offices and service force dedicated to providing the very best solutions to your filtration or separation needs. EIMCO offers on-site testing and troubleshooting of filtration equipment.
  • Technological innovation and advance manufacturing - Total commitment to Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction. Our quality manufacturing is perhaps the most consistent and repeatable because of our years of experience, our high quality fabrics, engineering support, and dedication to detail.

Laboratory Facilities - Our testing and development laboratory is available to analyze new and used samples to determine fabric related characteristics. This information is used to optimize filtration processes and maximize filter life. EIMCO also performs analysis and laboratory testing of process slurries to optimize equipment operating requirements.

Filter Media Upgrades Options Grommets - EIMCO uses high quality brass grommets in various sizes to meet our customer's requirements. These grommets are added to tie holes to strengthen light weight fabrics and/or process with heavy cake. Barrel Neck - Flowing weld Barrel Neck is a non-sewn neck which eliminates product leakage through stitch holes. The core plug is totally discharged, thus eliminating operator clean up time. Latex Coating - Used to coat and seal threads, and to seal the perimeter of the filter media cloth minimizing leakage-wicking. Caulked (CGR) Cloth - Available in either the sewn rope or un-sewn rope styles.

Backing Cloth - Provides media support and maximizes drainage.

Filter Media Fabric Types - FLSmidth Minerals has a complete line of filter media types. For a complete listing of fabric types, and assistance in optimizing your process, please contact you EIMCO Sales Representative today.

To talk to a trained Filter Press Representative please contact us:
Phone: 801.871.7384
FAX: 801.871.7562

Customized Options

As a leader in Separation Technology, FLSmidth is constantly looking at ways of improving operating efficiencies and ease of maintenance of our equipment. We continually develop new technologies, upgrades and programs which will enhance the performance of our customers' equipment.

FLSmidth's extensive product lines and staff of design, process and manufacturing engineers provide the experience in evaluation, specification and the fabrication of Filter Press parts and media for optimum performance in pressure filtration.

Shriver Skeleton Frame
The Shriver Filter Presss Skeleton can be supplied in side-bar or overhead plate suspension styles, 7 bar or 16 bar operating pressures (100 psi or 225 psi) and manufactured with carbon steel epoxy coated construction or with stainless steel clad frames. Contact FLSmidth to discuss your requirements.

Recessed Chamber Plates for Specific Applications
Filter plates can be supplied in a variety of materials including polypropylene with high heat and chemically stabilized resins. Corner Feed or Center feeds with filtrate, air-blow and cake wash porting arrangements to meet the application requirements are supplied. FLSmidth offers high pressure plates for 16 bar (225psi) operation and/or high temperature applications when needed.

Membrane Plates
High-efficiency membrane plates can be supplied for special applications to enhance wash effectiveness, minimize treatment chemical consumption, or minimize cake moisture. When using membrane plates, slurry is fed only during the initial fill cycle. After the feed pump has been switched off, the membrane inflation phase starts. The mechanical action of the force from the membrane plate surfaces on the filter cake is described as “squeezing” out the retained moisture from the cake. The advantages of membrane technology are that it generates higher filtration productivity through reduced cycle times, dryer cake and more efficient washing.

This increased productivity is a result of several factors:

  • Cake discharge from chamber more readily than recess plates
  • Differential chamber pressures are minimized by using the balanced membrane squeeze
  • Improved efficiency in cake washing applications reduces wash liquor consumption
  • Reduced cycle times where very long filtration times are experienced


Shriver Membrane Plate Filter Presses include all required ancillary components for pressurizing the membrane plates. These packages include squeeze water distribution manifolds, high pressure multi-stage centrifugal pumps, water storage tanks and all required valves and instrumentation for safe and reliable operation.

Filter Media Upgrades
FLSmidth's wide selection of filter media is available in a variety of materials (Polypropylene, Nylon, Dacron, Felts, etc.), in a variety of weave patterns and available with many advancements (molded rubber barrel necks, grommets, and seal edge treatments). FLSmidth’s decades of experience in pressure filtration has resulted in a complete listing of application, an extensive case-history with numerous performance evaluations of media covering a broad range of applications.

For the most demanding applications Shriver filter presses are fitted with an electrically powered hydraulic closing system consisting of a hydraulic power unit and a double acting hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic system maintains the required pressure throughout the operating cycle. The hydraulic power unit consists of an electrically powered hydraulic pump, oil reservoir, strainer and all necessary valves, gauges, fittings, and hoses. A safety interlock of the feed pump and/or squeeze system is provided to disable the pumps until the required hydraulic pressure has been attained preventing accidental system pressurization.

Plate Shifting Mechanisms
Manual, fully automatic and semi-automatic units are available.
Cloth Washers

The Shriver fully mechanized plate shifter can be fitted with a cloth washer designed to separate the filter chambers automatically for discharge of the filter cake and provide periodic automatic high pressure washing of the filter cloth. Cloth washer systems may include wash pumps for 100 bar (1,450 psi) washing and all ancillary valves, tanks and controls.

Portable High-Pressure Spray Washers Units
FLSmidth supplies a portable highly effective cleaning system that is compact, versatile and rugged. It is ideal for spray cleaning in general plant maintenance, problem cleaning applications, and removing trapped solids from filter cloth and screens.

Process Piping Manifolds & Valves
Shriver filter presses can be fitted with feed and filtrate manifolds in a wide variety of materials to suite the process conditions. Automated filters are provided with pneumatically actuated valves that can be fitted with position indicating limit switch for feed-back to plant controls systems for condition monitoring and safety interlocks.

Drip Trays

Automated drip trays and liquid collection launders are available in materials to suit the process conditions for the application. Drip trays are hydraulically actuated and positioned automatically from the control panel.

Cake Dumpsters

The cake dumpster is a standard press option that is frequently requested. The dumpster capacity ranges from 14.0 ft3 to 72.0 ft3. The dumpsters use heavy-duty casters, include self dumping features, and are painted to FLSmidth Minerals' high manufacturing standard.


Automatic Control Options
Standard and custom designed automatic control panels are available to fully automate the system for cake discharge, cloth washing, and automatic process valves and pump sequencing. Systems are available with programmable controllers and include all instrumentation and safety interlocks. Communications for plant DCS control systems is provided with Ethernet or other communication protocols to meet the site requirements.

Where full automation of the Shriver batch sequence operation is required, FLSmidth provides PLC controls with operator interfaces that include local color graphic display panels with touch-screens. Fully automated systems provide labor savings, assurance of proper equipment operation, consistency of production, reduction of downtime, and more reliable product quality.

Available Shriver automation features include:

  • Opening and closing of the filter press 
  • Batch sequence operation of process valves 
  • Process feed pump control 
  • Automatic membrane squeezing control 
  • Filter cake washing cycle 
  • Automatic plate shifting 
  • Automatic filter cake discharge 
  • Automatic filter cloth washing


Custom Engineered Designs and Systems
FLSmidth enjoys the experience, support and resources of highly skilled process, research and design engineers, combined with decades of application experience necessary to design and implement the most efficient and most effective filtration solutions available. Our unique blend of assembly line and custom fabrication allows us to design, manufacture and assemble Filter Presses exactly suited to our customer’s specific needs and requirements.

Examples of customized systems include:

  • Pre-coat Systems used to improve cake discharge in many automated systems. 
  • Chemical Feeding Systems used to condition, enhance or displace contaminants during the filtration process.
  • Acid washing systems used periodically for media and plate cleaning. 
  • Flexible Core Blow Piping


Process Feed Pumps

Wide range of feed pumps for every application can be provided including basic and economical air-operated double diaphragm type, available in virtually any material to suit the customer’s requirements. (See ODS Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps) Other more demanding installations may require electrically driven pumps and FLSmidth can assist in pump selection. FLSmidth Krebs millMax pumps are well suited for filter press feed in these applications.

Recommended Spare Part Lists and Standardized Kits
FLSmidth has developed a procedure to list recommend spare parts which are needed for normal routine maintenance, long lead time items, or parts that are subject to abuse and/or inadvertent breakage (convenience items). FLSmidth has also developed basic rebuild and maintenance kit for various components in the presses. Examples of these kits include:

  • Cylinder Seal Kit 
  • Oil Systems Maintenance Kits

Safety Devices  
FLSmidth provides a full range of upgradeable Eimco-Shriver safety devices.

  • Electronic Light Curtains 
  • Hydraulic Clamp Pressure/Feed Pump 
  • Hydraulic Pressure Drop Detection 
  • Safety Guards 
  • Splash Curtains

Specialty Tools

Caulking (pressing the cloth cord into the groove) is best accomplished using a caulking hammer and wedge. These “dead-blow” caulking hammers have a shot filled hollow head-reducing shock at the point of impact, and to wrists and elbows. The caulking hammer has a hollow rubber head which is filled with shot to eliminate rebound during hammering. These caulking hammers reduce fatigue and potential injuries when installing CGR cloths.

Examples of EIMCO specialty Tools: 

  • Caulking Hammer (pneumatic, standard) 
  • Caulking Wedge 
  • Scraper


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