Fuller-Traylor gyratory crushers

FLSmidth holds a leading position in gyratory crushing with thousands of crushers installed

Gyratory Crusher
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Our experience with Mining Industries (Minerals, Cement, and Aggregate) has resulted in a complete line of Gyratory Crushers to satisfy the requirements of a wide variety of our customers’ applications.

FLSmidth holds a leading position in crushing technology with thousands of crushers installed since the inception of the Traylor brand. These gyratory crushers have been operating successfully in some of the world’s harshest conditions for 50+ years. This long operating life can be attributed to the robust design that FLSmidth still utilizes to this day.

The basic concept behind the Gyratory Crusher remains the same as it did during its inception, but the machine is entirely updated to address today’s advanced technology, safety concerns, and operation schedules.

Our focus is on continually improving the design of our equipment to better serve our customers. This ongoing improvement has taken us from the original Bulldog Crushers through the world renowned “TC” model Crushers, to the “NT” line with updated maintenance- friendly features, and now into our current “Top-Service “ (TS) line which can be serviced and maintained from above for added safety.

FLSmidth offers custom engineered solutions as an answer to our customers’ unique requests.


Features & Benefits

  • Bar Type Spider for less maintenance
  • Countershaft Bearings automatically adjust to temperature fluctuations and wear, requiring minimal maintenance
  • Main Shaft Assembly designed to assure security
  • Hydraulic Adjustment & Accumulator with Relief Valves designed to extend component life
  • Forged alloy gears and carburized pinions engineered to prevent tooth failure and ensure long service life
  • Bronze Bushings for long life
  • High Capacity Lubrication minimizing the risk of burned bushings
  • Crushing Chamber optimized for each application to ensure even wear and high throughput
  • Drive Protection Coupling reduces shock loading of drive components during tramp events
  • Automation Systems are available on all gyratory crushers


NT Gyratory Crusher

Continued Innovation

The “Top-Service” (TS) Line is the newest generation of Fuller-Traylor Gyratory Crushers from FLSmidth. This entire Gyratory Crusher is engineered from the ground up with Safety and Maintenance in mind. The feature that distinguishes the “TS” design from other Gyratory Crushers is that the “TS” machine is designed to be Serviced & Maintained from an Overhead Crane.

The Top Service design doesn’t just transform into easier maintenance, it also transforms into more cost effective and flexible foundation designs.

We offer a full line to compliment our “NT” size range. The TS design maintains all the same design standards and options (except the eccentric cart) as the NT.

"Top-Service" Design

TS Gyratory Crusher Assembly


Top Service Gyratory Crusher Brochure
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Gyratory Crusher Brochure
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