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Our mill liners have been installed and proven successful in mining sites around the globe

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FLSmidth Mill Liners

FLSmidth quality mill liners grant the assurance our customers can rely on to maximize their milling productivity. We have been serving the mining industry for more than 100 years and combine this experience, knowledge, engineering, and technology to develop mill liners for a full scope of mills.

Installed at sites around the world, FLSmidth mill liners have been proven successful in both FLSmidth-branded milling equipment, as well as being suitable for many competitive mill brands currently available in the market today. Utilizing new technologies, the design of our mill liner has been improved to increase safety and allow more accurate planning of the liners useful life. The material used in manufacturing the liners has been engineered to optimize the operational conditions and in accordance with mineral characteristics.


Why install FLSmidth mill liners?

Mill-liner design can affect the function and capacity able to be handled by the grinding mill. Because of this, it is important to make sure that the mill liner is optimally designed to keep the process running smoothly. Our engineers have created a mill liner design that:

  • Reduces the number of parts inside the mill
  • Reduces assembly and replacement time
  • Extends useful life of the parts
  • Increases grinding capacity
  • Optimizes mill power use
  • Secures safe operation

Calculate your mill-liner wear life
Our experts have developed specialized tools and software to accurately identify the critical wear areas of your mill and thus estimate and calculate the useful life of liners. A web tool has been created to help mill operators calculate the return on investment when installing our mill liners to extend wear life and reduce maintenance downtime.

Click here to use the Pulp Lifter ROI Calculator


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